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Into the Lion’s Den: Bayern Munich legend Uli Hoeneß accepts invitation to vegan restaurant

The big question is this: What will Uli order?

Digital X 2020/21 In Cologne Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

According to a report from Abendzeitung, Bayern Munich legend Uli Hoeneß is going to do the unthinkable — walk into a vegan restaurant, sit his butt down, and throw down on some non-meat.

Is the Sausage King going soft? Is his talking a walk on the wild side? Is this a stealth mission where he’ll whip out a 32 ounce beef tenderloin from his trench coat? At this point, we are unsure. One thing we do know, however, is that Hoeneß is willing to sit down and break bread with a population he has categorized as “militant”:

Meat lover Uli Hoeneß wants to visit Timo Hildebrand’s restaurant after criticizing the vegan diet. The ex-national goalkeeper reported in the “Bild”.

Accordingly, the honorary president of FC Bayern accepted Hildebrand’s invitation to their vegan restaurant Vhy! in Stuttgart. “I got a call from Uli Hoeneß on Thursday. He called with a suppressed number, actually I don’t take such calls,” said Hildebrand and added: “He comes by when he’s in the area to see me.”

Hildebrand had invited sausage manufacturer Hoeneß after he had caused a stir with his statements about vegan food. “I still accept vegetarian food a bit, vegan at all, because people only get sick in the long run,” the 69-year-old said at “Antenne Bayern.” He also has a problem with “militant” vegans: “If you criticize them today, they’ll attack you.”

According to Hildebrand, Hoeneß “revised his statements a bit during the phone call: He has nothing against vegans in general, only against those who are militant,” Hildebrand said.

We would love to know Hoeneß orders for a meal when he makes good on this date.

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