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Bayern fans baffled: Benjamin Pavard STILL doesn’t think Robert Lewandowski deserves the Ballon d’Or

This man watched Lewandowski score a hat-trick right in front of him, and still can’t say he’s the best player in the world? What gives, Benji?

FC Bayern Muenchen v FC Augsburg - Bundesliga Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Benjamin Pavard has a habit of making inane statements to the media, but this one really takes the cake. If you’re a Bayern Munich fan, your jaw will drop when you read what he’s said this time. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed at 5am when I saw the following tweet, and I just HAD to share it.

Apparently someone in the media had the innocent idea to ask Pavard if he thinks Robert Lewandowski deserves the Ballon d’Or this year. Easy question, right? Any Bayern player would say yes. Lewandowski has been phenomenal for the last two seasons.

Not Pavard though. Just look at this. LOOK AT IT. How can you say this, Benji?

Keep in mind, this interview happened minutes after Pavard just got a front row seat as Lewandowski demolished Benfica with three goals and an assist. Keep in mind that, with his hat trick tonight, the Polish striker has scored more goals than either Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi in their first 100 Champions League games. Pavard’s answer is nothing short of bizarre. If you want proof, look at the replies and quote-tweets. It’s almost impossible to believe that a current Bayern player could say such a thing.

Of course, the argument can be made that Pavard chose a diplomatic answer because Benzema is his teammate. In that case, direct your eyes to Kingsley Coman, and his reply to the same question:

This isn’t the first time Pavard has failed to recognize his Bayern teammates’ achievements. Earlier in the year, he endorsed N’Golo Kante for the Ballon d’Or, saying that he hoped France would win the Euros to get him the award. The Frenchman had no qualms about giving a diplomatic answer back then.

Honestly, this is just the latest in a long line of poor media comments by Pavard that keep alienating him from his club’s fanbase. Some people wonder why the guy gets so much hate — well here’s why. He’s oblivious to what he’s saying and his general performances on the pitch don’t help matters (though he did do well against Benfica).

Somehow, even after playing with Robert Lewandowski for three years, he can’t even bring himself to say that he deserves the Ballon d’Or. The award would be a recognition of Lewandowski and Bayern’s incredible achievements, but Pavard would rather back someone else. It’s one thing to have media randos or rival team fans say such things — but your own player? This is the kind of thing that rubs fans the wrong way.

Get a clue, Benji.

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