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Lothar Matthäus believes treatment of Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich is unfair

Joshua Kimmich has been the center of scrutiny day after day in recent weeks - as one of the few unvaccinated stars. Lothar Matthäus believes this treatment is unfair.

1. FC Union Berlin v Hertha BSC - Bundesliga Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

The vaccination debate about Bayern Munich’s Joshua Kimmich continues to be in the focus of the media. With an increasing number of players missing playtime due to their unvaccinated status, the criticism continues. However, it seems like Kimmich is taking almost all of the heat despite him being one of five of Bayern’s unvaccinated players.

Matthäus has spoken out in favor of the vaccination several times, but can also see an angle that shows solidarity with Kimmich. It is clear that Kimmich is much more in the spotlight than others, but is it his responsibility to get vaccinated more than others because of his status in Germany?

“How many other Bundesliga players are not vaccinated and do not have to read their name in the newspaper every day? How many journalists who are now judging Kimmich have not been vaccinated? It is a problem in our country’s society that the biggest name is often picked out to make an example of it,” asks Matthäus [Sport1].

Matthäus does not believe this inhuman pressure is the appropriate way to get someone to do something. However, The Athletic has reported that at least three of the five Bayern players who have not yet been vaccinated are seriously considered getting the jab. It is not clear whether Kimmich is one of those players.

“Why do you pretend that only Kimmich is the bad guy in this whole game, while everyone else ducks away? That’s not fair,” said Matthäus. Kimmich is currently in quarantine for the second time within a very short time. He can leave it again on Thursday at the earliest. One thing is clear. If these players don’t get vaccinated, these issues will continue to arise and Bayern cannot afford such problems after the holiday break.

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