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Solskjaer sacked! Remembering the time Manchester United fans wanted Bayern Munich in the Champions League

There is NO news (aside from vaccine stuff), so let’s clown on Man United for a bit.

Watford v Manchester United - Premier League - Vicarage Road Photo by John Walton/PA Images via Getty Images

If you’re a Bayern Munich fan like me, you’ve probably been having a gloomy weekend. The loss to Augsburg and the subsequent vaccine drama at the club have left a sour taste in people’s mouths. Worst part is, there’s not a lot of other news to distract us at the moment.

So, in the interest of having a bit of fun (for a change), let’s make fun of Manchester United, specifically their fans on Twitter.

First of all, a moment of silence — Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sacked. After three years at Man United, the Norwegian leaves following a devastating 4-1 defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt Watford. Defender (and captain) Harry Maguire got a red card while Donny van de Beek was Manchester’s only scorer. Anyone who follows United knows how ironic that sentence is.

Of course, this doesn’t tell you about the feud that has been brewing for months between Man United and Bayern FT (“football Twitter”), which is probably what you’re here for. If you’ve been lucky enough not to be exposed to the toxic hellhole that is Premier league FT, then consider this a short, sanitized version of events.

Let’s start with this screenshot, which is a reply to UTDTrey. In case you don’t know him (a good thing!), just know that he has 124.5k followers on Twitter. He’s also a good example of the kind of things Prem FT tend to say about Bayern when things are going well for them. Exhibit A:

The original tweet from UTDTrey was eventually deleted, presumably because he got tired of people quote-tweeting him with the clown emoji. Of course, he just had to post the exact same tweet again for a separate unrelated fixture.

And looking at the likes and retweets he gets, it’s a pretty widely held belief among those United fans who use Twitter. Now that’s probably not an exact representation of their fanbase, but we don’t exactly care about that, do we?

Anyway, UTDTrey’s tweet was met with much ridicule from rival fans, but also from Bayern FT, who seemed to take it very personally. Twitter user and Bayern fan @iiMiaSanMia (not to be confused with @iMiaSanMia, the news account), practically made it his life’s mission to clown Man United whenever they lose a match:

Such is the way of twitter beefs, this joke has probably been stretched too far to be funny anymore. So it’s a good thing Solskjaer got sacked, right? Per reports, United are considering hiring guys like Laurent Blanc or Julen Lopetegui as interim managers, which will be a whole new realm of comedy for us to explore. Or, what if they get Ronald Koeman? Or Pirlo? Could you imagine?

Anyway, a saga comes to an end today. If you have any funny tweets saved up from these last few months, why not post them in the comments?

In case you want an actually funny and decent EPL account to follow, why not try @TheSaItIsHere? His ball knowledge is underrated:

That’s all for today folks!

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