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Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller (moviestar?!) features in trailer for upcoming Ghostbusters film

What can’t Müller do? The German legend just added another talent to his resume.

Armenia v Germany - 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Thomas Müller has looked great on the pitch for over 10 years now for Bayern Munich, but it looks like the German is just as good in front of a camera as well. Müller is a favorite for fans and experts alike so an advertising figure is a perfect role for him. Müller recently made a big appearance in a short trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters film.

In this new trailer, Müller can be seen as a ghostbuster who is about to take out the legendary Ghostbusters vehicle for a spin. The trailer shows Jason Reitman who pulls a Müller jersey out of a bag and then also features legendary director Ivan Reitman.

Travis Kelce of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs also featured in a similar trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters film. The “A Trade is a Trade” theme follows for Kelce’s trailer as well. As cool as it is to see Müller in this trailer, that is all his role will be limited to for this movie.

This gives FC Hollywood a whole new meaning now. Maybe Müller would be a movie star in another life, or he will take his talents to the big screen after his career. At this point, what can’t the Raumdeuter do?

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