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Bayern Munich legend Uli Hoeneß lets loose on Paris Saint-Germain

If you ask the man for an opinion, you won’t ever be et down.

“FC Bayern - Behind the Legend” Premiere In Munich Photo by Gisela Schober/Getty Images

Okay, who decided to give former Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeneß an open mic?

On the “11 Leben” podcast, Hoeneß has some interesting things to say about Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al-Khelaifi. But let’s back up here first. What is “11 Leben” you ask? Here is the description:

At the start of the new podcast format “11 Leben”, none other than one of the most exciting figures in German football will be portrayed: Uli Hoeneß. In the beginning nothing more than a fixed idea, the implementation for the podcaster and sports journalist Max-Jacob Ost was bigger than expected. For more than two years now, he has been researching, reading, telephoning and interviewing meticulously, delving into the past, taking a very close look at private and professional successes and defeats. And he tries his hand at the biggest challenge: to get Uli Hoeneß himself in front of the microphone for “11 lives”. you know what the format is, here is what Hoeneß had to say (as captured by

“No, I don’t think so; I don’t know if he likes football,” Hoeneß said. “The difference between him and me? I worked hard to make my money, and he received it as a gift. We put it at his disposal, and he doesn’t have to work for that. When he wants a player, he will find his emir. They will lose again against us. Not always, but from time to time. And that must be our goal. And when we win against [PSG and Man City], that makes me very happy (…) That’s what stimulates me, show them: ‘Your sh**ty money is not enough.’”

But wait! There’s more:

“What is currently happening in Paris is one-year planning. This is not my universe. I see things from an economic point of view. not all my stake at once, just to come and congratulate me for a year or two and after me the flood,” Hoeneß said. When we make decisions, we have to make sure that we still have security in three or four years, that everything does not collapse suddenly.” least we know how Hoeneß feels about the topic.

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