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Marc Roca likes the way Julian Nagelsmann communicates his ideas at Bayern Munich

Roca recognizes how important it is for a manager to have the right way of getting through to players like Nagelsmann does.

FC Barcelona v Bayern München: Group E - UEFA Champions League Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

While Marc Roca still hasn’t quite found his footing at Bayern Munich, he is a big fan of Julian Nagelsmann and the way he’s able to communicate to his players. He’s yet to make a competitive appearance this season, but that’s partially due to an injury (torn ankle ligament) problem he was still working through in the beginning stages of the season. He made a total of 11 appearances across all competitions under Hansi Flick last season and Flick had made it a point to take time to work with him one on one to help improve some of the areas where Flick felt he needed improving to get more chances in the first team. Despite not getting many chances, Roca has kept a positive attitude and has continued to work to fight for his chance(s).

In a recent interview on Radio Marca, Roca spoke very highly of his new manager, under whom he still hasn’t made an appearance. He lauded Nagelsmann’s tactical understanding of the game and how he’s able to conjure up specific game plans for specific opponents. “I have the feeling that when you are in such a great team it is the group management, the dressing room. It is the most important point. From there, Nagelsmann is spectacular tactically, how he sets the games, how we go out on the field. The team is very clear about what the team has to do, where are the opponent’s weak points, where we can take advantage of it. The reading of the game he does is incredible. He is a top coach at world level. We are lucky that he trains us,” he explained.

There are often situations for players in any team, especially fringe players, where they don’t exactly have a clear idea of what’s expected of them or what it is, specifically, that they have to do to get more chances with the first team. This creates a lack of motivation and can be toxic for said players and the attitude that permeates to the rest of the squad. At Bayern, there no different from any other club with regards to having a handful of fringe players on the roster that don’t get many chances. Roca is one of those players, but he still feels that the level of communication from the top down is very clear and there’s no misunderstandings.

Benfica Lisbon - FC Bayern Photo by Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

“I think that it is better when there is communication, when there is dialogue, when things are explained to you. As in any job, not only in football, communication is fundamental and very important to have peace of mind and know the why and why of things,” Roca said. There’s no indication from the midfielder that he doesn’t get that communication at Bayern with Nagelsmann and it’s actually puzzling to a lot of people that he still maintains such a positive attitude at the club despite hardly playing.

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