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Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski says good chances have been hard to come by

The Polish Hitman says it has been hard to get good opportunities of late.

FC Bayern München v Sport-Club Freiburg - Bundesliga Photo by Stefan Matzke - sampics/Corbis via Getty Images

Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski touched on a top that has come up of late regarding his team’s offense: A lack of space.

With a hybrid formation pushing more attackers into the final third — and sometimes opposing teams who sit deep — Lewandowski says it has not been easy to get good opportunities on offense.

“At Bayern, it hasn’t been easy for me recently to find scoring situations or a place on the pitch. When you play with six attacking players and your opponents are very defensive, it’s not an easy thing for a forward. In the last games, it took me a while to find a spot and get the ball. And even when I get it, it’s still too crowded. There have been games where I didn’t have many balls for the first 20 minutes, I had to drop really deep to get it,” Lewandowski said (as captured by Twitter account @iMiaSanMia). “Of course, we create chances sooner or later, but I don’t find it all that easy. For me it is also difficult at times, although I know that I need patience. I have long stopped approaching matches for the national team the same way as in Bayern.”

It sounds as if Lewandowski is growing a bit frustrated with the situation, but the striker would not compare how his club team functions offensively vs. how Poland plays.

“These are completely different tactics, a different level, we just play differently. I try to get the most out of what I have. I never compare what chances I could get at Bayern and in the national team. It does not make sense,” Lewandowski said.