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Bayern Munich’s Julian Nagelsmann shaking off COVID-19, looking forward to his return

The coach could return against Benfica.


Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann knows that Benfica will be a tough task for his squad, but the coach also realizes he has to pass at least one more test to ensure he can get back on the bench for the Bavarians.

“They’re a team that has great quality, a lot of experience and good physicality. You’ve seen that they can always score goals, that they can defend aggressively. That’s where you have to play mature,” Nagelsmann said (as captured by Tz). “I will first go to test, then there will be meetings and then it’s off to the hotel. I won’t have that much time to enjoy the new freedom. But if there’s Champions League in the evening, that’s perfectly okay.”

Nagelsmann, though, did not complain about this current status. All things considered, Nagelsmann knows it could be worse.

“I wasn’t really that annoyed, there are clearly worse fates. But of course you want to be there as a coach, want to work. I’ve never missed a game,” Nagelsmann said. “Tomorrow there will be a test as usual, since Sunday my quick tests are negative. I’m not trembling there tomorrow.”

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