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Hansi Flick says Julian Nagelsmann is doing an outstanding job at Bayern Munich

Flick thinks Bayern has been left in very capable hands

RB Leipzig - Bayern Munich Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

After Bayern Munich’s historic sextuple filling Hansi Flick’s shoes after he left for the German National team was always going to be a tall task for his successor, whoever it was going to be. Julian Nagelsmann has already shown that he’s the right man for the job after joining from RB Leipzig this summer and he’s won eight of his first ten competitive matches in charge, which is the best record of any Bayern manager from their first ten matches.

In a recent press conference ahead of Die Mannschaft’s pair of World Cup qualifiers against Romania and North Macedonia, Hansi Flick offered his praises for Nagelsmann and said that he genuinely feels he’s already doing a “fantastic” job at Bayern (az). “I think Julian is a great trainer, a top trainer. Especially in his younger years that is very astonishing. He is doing an outstanding job,” Flick said of his Bayern successor.

Even before Joachim Low had announced he would be stepping down as Germany’s manager after the Euros, it was suggested that Flick was the most likely candidate to replace him. Flick had recently revealed, though, that he actually didn’t make the decision to succeed Low until after he had made the official announcement that he’d be stepping down, contrary to what a lot of people believed. The role was pretty tailor-made for Flick, but his personal decision was not pre-meditated. A large portion of Bayern’s fan base was justifiably sad to see him leave the helm at Bayern, but the all-conquering coach has echoed the sentiment that Nagelsmann was a very logical successor for him, even though he’s a younger manager. “It was logical that he was coach of Bayern Munich,” Flick said.

For a lot of club teams and national teams, there are discrepancies and disagreements between managers, especially with the amount of varying coronavirus quarantine protocols in different regions of the world. There are often cases where club managers don’t want to release their players for international duty due to quarantine measures that would effect their fixture availability and there is also always a fear of injury due to heavy fixture congestion at both the club and international level. For Bayern and Germany, though, there is far more continuity and cohesion between Flick and Nagelsmann in that regard.

There’s always a heavy Bayern presence in the German squads, but the communication between the two managers helps alleviate any disagreements or misunderstandings that might come about. “I have zero point problems with Julian. We exchange ideas more often. That is just part of it. We have known each other for a long time. It is normal in football that a successor comes when you leave,” Flick explained of his relationship with Nagelsmann.

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