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Verdict in! Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez avoids prison

Hernandez was facing the possibility of spending six months behind bars.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Big news coming in from Spain today. Per Bild, the Madrid Regional Court has granted Lucas Hernandez’s objection to the arrest warrant and suspended his prison sentence. Basically, the Bayern Munich star is no longer at risk of going to jail this Thursday.

The suspension of the prison sentence apparently comes with the following conditions:

  • Hernandez must not be guilty of anything new for four years.
  • He has to pay 240 daily rates of 400 euros each (96,000 euros).

Should he violate these conditions, he would still have to go to prison. Given the sheer stupidity involved in the circumstances that led to this incident, Bayern Munich might want to keep a close eye on their player in the future.

Per the report, the Madrid Regional court justified its decision as follows:

Lucas Hernández was convicted of domestic violence in 2018, but this relates to incidents in 2015. Since his judgment on June 13, 2017, he has not committed any further crimes. ”His family and social circumstances” have changed so that the execution of the sentence is not necessary to avoid the commission of further crimes.

That seems pretty reasonable, all things considered. This entire fiasco started because Lucas and his then-girlfriend made up with each other and ignored a restraining order to go get married in Vegas and have a honeymoon in the Bahamas. BFW did a breakdown of the whole thing, which you can read here. Lucas and his wife are now happily married and have been for several years now, which probably contributed to the Madrid court’s decision.

All in all, Bayern just dodged one heck of a bullet. Leaving aside the PR nightmare of having a first team player sent to jail, Lucas is also Bayern’s most expensive signing ever, and the second most expensive defender in the history of football. The Frenchman is a key part of Nagelsmann’s defense and it would’ve been devastating if he had to spend the rest of his season behind bars in Spain.

For Lucas, this’ll likely be a huge weight off his shoulders, and he can finally focus on his football and his family again. Hopefully, his brush with prison will teach him to be a little bit more responsible in the future.

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