Is Manuel Neuer the best goalkeeper of all time?

Is Manuel Neuer the best goalkeeper ever ?

Neuer was named the best goalkeeper of 2020 by FIFA and IFFHS. He won those awards five times, and the rest of the years were split between five other people. So the debate about Neuer being the best Goalkeeper in the past decade is already convincing..

But can you say that he was the best to ever do it?

His counterparts who he had to go against were Iker Casillas and Gianluigi Buffon. These three were racing each other from 2008 till 201, nearly ten years of close competition but Neuer is still going and looking for greatness. I would kick Iker Casillas out of that debate because he got his awards, Championships, World and Euro cup titles in a short period of time.

And Neuer has proven himself against a list of great players over time just to name a few: Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Naymar, Luis Suarez, Kylian Mbappe and on and on. He had many crazy saves in either national or international competition. He made legends and future legends fail to score against him.

Neuer and Buffon have proven that they can stay at the best level for a longer amount of time. You can't really compare the goalkeepers from the late 90s or earlier to today's guys because they never won the same amount of championships or World/Euro cup titles.

But Neuer's abilities are way more outstanding than Buffoons His reflexes mixed with his strength and game reading ability won him many battles and sometimes even defeated full teams. Which other guys can only do for one or two games but Neuer kept this style up for over five years and more.

I think we can say YES! It is unlikely that such a great performance will be recreated in the near future so we should enjoy it while it is happening.

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