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Match awards from Germany’s 4-0 win against North Macedonia

Germany gets the win and qualifies for the World Cup!

North Macedonia v Germany - 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

It was a tough match in prospect for Germany. They faced a well-organized team who defended fiercely. Although Germany didn’t play their best football, in the end, Hansi Flick’s players managed to secure the win in the second half.

Jersey Swap: Stole Dimitrievski

The North Macedonian goalkeeper was fantastic tonight. Especially in the first half, while the score was 0:0. He had a couple of incredible saves throughout the match, but Germany was much more efficient in the second half, and Dimitrievski stood no chance. The stole was a tough cookie to break tonight, and it took a couple of one-on-one chances and Werner’s wonder-strike to beat North Macedonia tonight.

Der Bomber: Timo Werner

We could easily describe Werner’s performance as a tale of two sides. He was bad until he wasn’t. Until he scored his first goal, he was very wasteful, and at times it was quite frustrating to watch him play. Although he often found space for a shot, most of his shots lacked power. It has to be mentioned that he had the best chance for Germany in the first half when he hit the post. In the second half, he was better and managed to score a brace. Both goals weren’t easy to score, especially the second goal. Hopefully, Werner will continue improving after this performance.

Der Fußballgott: Joshua Kimmich

Bayern Munich’s versatile midfielder was all over the pitch tonight. Throughout the different points of the match, you could see him as one of the few players on Germany’s half, and on others, you could see him leading a counter-attack in front of Dimitrievski’s goal. He was a vital piece in Germany moving forward and also defending. He made a couple of crucial tackles on Germany’s half and intercepted a couple of key passes. Kimmich was more in charge of the defensive duties tonight, but nevertheless, helped his teammates immensely. He finished the match with his average of 89% successful passes and one key pass.

Der Kaiser: David Raum

Hoffenheim’s defender has had a pretty decent evening. He had a quiet start against North Macedonia but eventually played better and better. He was a bit insecure at times, but in the second half, same as most of his teammates, he started playing on the expected level. His work rate was impressive and he was ready to help his teammates in the attacking third and then run back to help his defenders. And doing so, he helped put a stop to a couple of Macedonia’s counter-attacks. He has managed to complete 86% of his passes and even made two key passes.

Meister of the Match: Thomas Muller

What a performance from the Raumdeuter! The Bavarian put up a show, especially in the second half. Muller’s work rate was impressive from the very beginning. He was one of the few German players that started the match accordingly and often found himself in dangerous situations. He also provided a wonderful pass to Werner in the first half and the attacker almost scored a goal.

In the second half, things got better for Thomas as he had two assists. The first one he could have easily scored, but he wasn’t selfish and gave Kai Havertz the ball. The second assist was an incredible one! He managed to somehow put the ball right at Werner’s feet, and this time, Timo scored. A memorable performance from Bayern’s living legend.

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