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Report: Adidas may help Real Madrid buy David Alaba from Bayern Munich

But ... Adidas literally own a stake in Bayern. Why would they do this?

The Real Madrid Club Badge Photo by Visionhaus

Okay, "report" might be stretching this one because it reads more like speculation. According to Madrid-based news outlet AS, German kit manufacturer Adidas could be key in helping Real Madrid sign wantaway Bayern Munich star David Alaba. The sportswear giant has had a longstanding relationship with the Spanish giants, which might influence the decision.

Of course, astute readers will know that Adidas are also HEAVILY involved with Bayern, meaning that this rumor doesn't make much sense. The company owns a 8.33% stake in the club, so why would they try and make it weaker by encouraging Alaba to leave? It's not like the Austrian is an ultra-marketable athlete like Paul Pogba, whose transfer was rumored to be influenced by Adidas (who sponsor both Juventus and Manchester United). They don't have a reason to force a move for marketing gains.

More than likely, what AS mean to say is that Adidas wants to keep Alaba at another Adidas club, and away from Nike teams like Chelsea or PSG. So if the player has already made the decision to leave Bayern, smoothening his route to Real Madrid might be beneficial for the sports giant. How would they accomplish this? Well, Alaba's motivation gor moving seems to be financial, so they could entice him with a lucrative personal contract should he join Madrid.

Of course, this is probably just a case of a pro-Madrid paper presenting speculation as fact to mill some views, so no one should get too worked up over it. If Alaba leaves Bayern, it's not going to be because Adidas told him to.

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