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Report: Bayern Munich’s Joshua Zirkzee might have kicked his chances for a transfer away

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Bayern Muenchen II v TSV 1860 Muenchen - 3. Liga Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images for DFB

Bayern Munich striker Joshua Zirkzee has reportedly been looking for a loan or transfer away from Säbener Straße, but could have severely hurt his chances for that by picking up a red card yesterday during Bayern Munich II’s 2-0 loss to TSV 1860 Munich.

According to Bild, Zirkzee could be suspended “several” games for sloppily kicking TSV 1860 Munich goalkeeper Marco Hiller in the face on Saturday in a 3.Liga match. Hiller’s face was a bloody mess for a bit before the team doctors were able to get the bleeding to stop. Amazingly, Hiller stayed in the game.

Now, Zirkzee is facing a potential multi-game suspension, which — according to Bild — could adversely affect interest from German teams like Eintracht Frankfurt and FC Köln, who were both interested in the striker. Should Zirkzee transfer to a club in Germany, it is expected that the suspension would hold.

Whatever happens, it seems as if Zirkzee and Bayern Munich are heading toward a separation of some sort. Whether that is temporary or permanent is really the only question that is left on the table.