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Daily Schmankerl: Thiago says he never said he was leaving Bayern, Bild claims he’s lying, Robben scores, and Germany disappoints

Pace Bild and Christian Falk, Thiago Alcantara says he never told anyone that he was leaving Bayern Munich.

Germany v Spain - UEFA Nations League
“Can I just hold you forever, Thiago?”
Photo by Stefan Matzke - sampics/Corbis via Getty Images

Thiago: “I never told anyone I’m leaving” (Mundo Deportivo)

Before Spain’s match against Ukraine, Thiago addressed the constant rumors concerning his future. He seemed to be responding in particular to Bild’s constant claims that he had already announced his intention to leave the club:

“I never told anyone that I’m leaving,” Thiago said. Every year, you put me in a different club. For me, my future is the tomorrow’s match and there’s nothing to say about that. I neither care nor am interested. I’m interested only in tomorrow’s match.”

That is interesting news for everyone involved — Bayern Munich, maybe Liverpool or Manchester United, and lately maybe even FC Barcelona! But especially for Bild and Christian Falk...

Bild claims Thiago is lying over latest comments (Bild)

Bild’s chief Bayern reporter Christian Falk is not amused by Thiago’s public statement regarding his rumored desire to leave Bayern. Falk has been insisting for months ago (since late June) that Thiago had already said farewell to his teammates in the locker room. Their report at the time claimed,

According to BILD information, [Thiago] has already told some of his fellow players his farewell in the locker room.

I thought the claim was strange at the time, because obviously Thiago still had to finish the Champions League campaign with his teammates. It seemed a little premature for farewells.

My response Bild literally asking “Why is Thiago lying?” because they have been claiming for weeks he told teammates in the locker room goodbye - whatever that means before a transfer has gone through.

Tony Mount flexes on Christian Falk

The father of Mason Mount gave Mr. Falk a taste of his own medicine on Twitter.

Robben strikes again!

18 years, 4 months, 1 week, and 2 days since the last one for Groningen!

Toni Kroos: “We lost the ball far too often”

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