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BFW Fight Club Update: Robert Lewandowski and Michaël Cuisance respond to report

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski and Michaël Cuisance diffuse any tension with some well-time emojis.


It has been a while, but BFW Fight Club makes a triumphant return as Robert Lewandowski and Michaël Cuisance reportedly got into a practice scrum according to Bild.

Per the details contained in Bild and also in @iMiaSanMia’s tweet, Lewandowski leveled Cuisance with a tackle in practice, which left the 21-year-old down for the count for “a while.” Upon gathering himself, Cuisance allegedly made a move toward Lewandowski, which was probably not a smart move considering the Polish Hitman’s kickboxing background.

Though there were apparently no punches or kicks thrown, Bild (behind the Bild+ paywall) reported that Cuisance “wildly gesticulated” at Lewandowski to show his displeasure with being dumped. Lewandowski, however, reportedly only gave Cuisance the “cold shoulder” — he didn’t even look at the angry Frenchman.

The fallout from the incident had Hansi Flick get involved. Per Bild, Flick sought out Cuisance for a conversation and put his arm around. Lewandowski, however, went full Ivan Drago and did not offer up any “conciliatory words” for Cuisance, but instead gave him a rather less fatherly talking to of his own after practice.

BFW Analysis

Like any training ground dust-up, this likely was not a big deal, but probably a good indicator that Cuisance has nothing to lose with Bayern Munich at this point. Unable to secure a starting role, the talented Frenchman is reportedly on his way to Leeds United in a deal that could be worth €20 million to Bayern Munich.

Regardless, a bout between Cuisance, who is known to be a bit temperamental, and Lewandowski, who has been known to get into it with teammates (Mats Hummels, Kinglsey Coman) likely would not have ended well for the youngster. Lewandowski’s fighting background and overall strength (including accrued old man strength now that he is 32-years-old) would make him a strong favorite over Cuisance.

Not to mention his karate-champion wife.

Update: much ado about nothing...

Cuisance responded to a French site’s Tweet about the altercation with the remark, “You taught me something,” i.e. “that’s news to me.” And Lewandowski added his own emoji-tears of laughter.

When Leon Goretzka and Jerome Boateng had their dust-up last season, the duo hit social media to let everyone know that it was nothing more than a practice scrum...nothing more, nothing less. Consider this Cuisance and Lewandowski’s equivalent move to show it was no big deal.

As far as BFW Fight Club fights go, this one is probably small pommes.

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