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BFW news: meet the new boss, (almost) the same as the old boss!

After a Treble-winning run (wink), John Dillon is stepping down as site manager and Chuck Smith is taking over.

Detroit Tigers v Philadelphia Phillies
Get ready for a whole lot more Bavarian Grass Works, gang.
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Hi gang, I have an announcement: I am stepping down as the site manager of Bavarian Football Works. It has been a pleasure to shepherd this community over the past three years. With the help of the fantastic BFW team, this site has reached new heights that none of us really thought possible just a few years ago.

While I’ve been at the helm, we have had some amazing and some heartbreaking campaigns. The CHO transfer saga, the 2018 World Cup debacle, the Ancelotti disaster and Heynckes comeback, the Kovac era, and to top it all off, last season’s (seems like yesterday!) incredible Treble with erstwhile interim coach Hansi Flick.

Why leave? Well, it’s not you; it’s me! Seriously, my life is crazy. I have two growing boys, my job, and my family. I have to step things up at home, frankly, because my family needs me. That’s how it is.

The good news is that I’m not going away. I’ll still be around, if somewhat less often. I have every intention of still enjoying my elaborate hobby as a kind of meta-journalist and commentator on Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga.

The better news is that I have the perfect successor: Chuck Smith has agreed to succeed me as managing editor of BFW!

Halfway through this process, it dawned on my that I was transferring power at BFW exactly like the big dogs do at Bayern Munich, so let me put it to you this way:

With an eye on the future, I am convinced that Chuck Smith is the perfect solution for the position of site manager of Bavarian Football Works. Chuck has been an important player in the history of our site. Chuck Smith knows football, he knows the site, and he carries the DNA of BFW. I am convinced that Oliver Kahn is the right man to lead Bavarian Football Works into the future.

Chuck is no stranger to BFW: he’s the most prolific writer we’ve ever had here. And on top of that, he’s a ton of fun, not unlike a certain green monstrosity known to roam the stands in Chuck’s hometown.

Now, I told him he has to make sure we cover things other than Grass Works, and he says he will. In fact, I expect most things to carry on here more or less just as they have been: better and better.

So I’ll be seeing you around! Mia san mia!


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