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Transfer roundup: Fiorentina interested in Javi Martinez, Bayern weighing keeping Perisic

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Franck Ribery’s current club in Serie A has shown interest in his long-time teammate Javi Martinez, while Bayern Munich still has not ruled out keeping Ivan Perisic.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Gianluca Di Marzio reports that Serie A club Fiorentina has inquired about Bayern Munich midfielder Javi Martinez. It is no secret that the Spaniard has presumably played his final game at the Allianz Arena. He was spotted standing on the pitch a final time so that his friend Lucas Hernandez could snap some pictures of him after Bayern’s Champions League win over Chelsea FC.

Fiorentina could be a nice destination for the 31-year-old World Cup, Euro, and Champions League winner. And a familiar face could help smooth the way: Fiorentina’s 2019/20 player of the season Franck Ribery! Di Marzio states he “could play an important role in the negotiations.”

Perisic to stay after all?

Bayern Munich let Ivan Perisic’s €20 million purchase option expire earlier in the current, extended season, but the club has not ruled out signing Perisic for a second year.

According to Sky Sport, Bayern had decided after purchasing Leroy Sané from Manchester City that “the package of wages and transfer fee for Perisic was too expensive.” The club has indicated as much to Inter Milan, who are eager to move on from Perisic.

But Perisic has given Bayern second thoughts, not least after his outstanding performance in the Champions League. Perisic was the player who scored Bayern’s critical second goal after the team had been rattled by David Alaba’s 1-1 own-goal. His involvement was so important, our own Chuck Smith wrote a tribute to the Croatian.

Hansi Flick still wants a fourth winger for the coming season, and Perisic — at least in our eyes — looks like a prefect candidate: a highly reliable team player who, in the twilight of his career, makes no fuss whatsoever if he comes off the bench.

Sky reports, however, that Inter has refused to budge from their €20 million price. “Although the Italians could not imagine integrating Perisic back into the squad a few weeks ago, according to Sky’s information they are currently thinking about having the Croatian back at Inter again next season,” Sky writes, where he would hypothetically play as a halfback in Antonio Conte’s 3-5-2 system.

The ball would appear to be in Bayern’s court. The club will have to decide whether they are willing to spend a little more to keep a proven quantity or take their chances on someone new — or perhaps wait out Inter to see how serious the Italians really are about having Perisic back.