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Reports: Chris Richards drawing interest from all over Europe

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The young center-back has several clubs interested in a transfer, including some big English teams.

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Bayern Munich has a lot of decisions to make this summer about the club’s young talent. Chief among those is Bayern II’s American center-back Chris Richards, who has been attracting interest from all across Europe following his outstanding performance in Bayern II’s 3.Liga championship-winning campaign. Now, we’re starting to get an idea of what that could look like.

Richards is drawing interest from Chelsea, Arsenal, and Valencia according to Transfermarkt. Those three are joined by an unnamed Bundesliga club. According to CBS Sport’s Roger Gonzalez, Richards is also sought after by clubs in the Netherlands and Belgium.

However, according to both, Bayern is only interested in a loan within Germany for the young defender. Hansi Flick is set to meet with Bayern Campus Director Jochen Sauer to discuss several youth players, and Richards is a top discussion point, according to a report in Kicker’s Thursday edition. Several Bundesliga clubs are interested.

Richards is confident that he’s ready to make the jump to a higher level than the 3.Liga. He told The Athletic, “I think that throughout the year I’ve improved enough where I should be able to take that next step in my career, and whether it’s 2. Bundesliga or Bundesliga or another league, I think that I’m ready for that.”