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Reaction Time: Servus Leroy! What does this mean for Bayern?

Leroy Sané is officially a Bayern player after a tumultuous transfer saga. What does this mean for Bayern?

Man City via Getty Images

It’s done. It’s finally over. Not even 15 minutes after I woke up in my house in Heidelberg, Germany, to a beautifully clear and cloudless day, the long-awaited news that we all knew was coming came. At approximately 9:00 am Central European Time, FC Bayern officially announced and unveiled their new star player, German international Leroy Sané.

So now that the transfer saga (last I counted, we finally reached 100 articles here at BFW regarding Sané transfer here) is finally over, the question must be asked “What does this mean for Bayern?”

Well, in my eyes, Bayern now officially has what I would consider the best front-3 in the world, rivaled only by a healthy Liverpool. Depending on where Sané lines up, potential for devastation for the oppositions defense is there. If he lines up on the left with Alphonso Davies, you have two of the quickest players in the world that no defense would be able to cope with. If he lines up on the right, you’ll have the shifty and creative Kingsley Coman and Sané on the field together slicing and dicing the defense.

Sané just brings a lethality to the wings that has been lacking under Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman. I mean, just look at this montage of incredible goals he has scored throughout his career:

And his goals aren't the most “insané” thing about this transfer. Frankly, it’s his price. FC Bayern was able to get Sané from Manchester City at a steal of €45m, which is significantly lower than the original asking price north of €100m this past summer.

Truthfully, if we look back at this entire transfer saga, the dominos just kept falling our way. The team played bad enough under Niko Kovać in the early season to warrant his sacking and the promotion of our lord and savior Hansi Flick. FC Bayern roared back from an early deficit and dominated every facet of the game in every competition. Alphonso Davies became a revelation at left-back and won Bundesliga Rookie of the Year. Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller set goal and assist records for the Bundesliga, respectively. And that was all without Sané.

FC Bayern held firm when Mahrez’s use of a questionable nose spray cost FC Bayern a healthy Sané last summer. Manchester City wanted to play hardball with Bayern and we Dikembe Mutombo’d them. We knew Sané wanted to join us. It was simply only a matter of time. This is just yet another example of FC Bayern’s absolutely incredible ability to dominate the transfer market by getting elite players for dirt cheap.

If you ask anyone at BFW (Looking at you INNN) this transfer saga became all we could think about. It consumed our time. But boy, oh boy, are we sure glad he’s here and he’s finally ours. We are all looking forward to finally seeing him on the field sporting the iconic no. 10. Servus Leroy!

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