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Javi Martinez hints at departure from Bayern Munich in entertaining interview

Bayern Munich’s veteran midfielder is prepared for the next step of his career, whatever that may be. He shared his thoughts a variety of subjects in a fun interview with MARCA.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Bayern Munich’s longtime central defensive midfielder Javi Martinez gave an interview to MARCA in connection with a new documentary on Amazon Prime, “Futbolista por el Mundo,” in which he stars alongside Xavi, David Villa, and Juan Mata.

Asked what he would like people to learn about him, Javi said he’d like people to see, “How my life in Germany is. It’s a very positive experience that I recommend to everyone.” Munich has clearly made an impression on the man who joined Bayern almost eight years ago.

Javi also discussed the current crisis and his efforts to help. He is not a fan of ghost games. He told MARCA, “I don’t like it. I’m very passionate. I need to be shouted at.”

“Arriving at Real Betis’ stadium or the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu and there are thousands of people telling you everything. That motivates me,” Javi said. “My heart sank when we got to Dortmund and saw five people on their bikes. But I understand it had to happen.”

Flick, Kimmich, and Lewandowski

Hansi Flick has made a very positive impression on Martinez. He compared Bayern’s current form to the German national team (presumably in better days). Of Flick himself, Javi said, “His character is ideal for a club like Bayern. He reminds me a lot of Vicente del Bosque in the way he is: a person that wants a player, for he was one himself, to understand the importance of being a team, that is necessary at all times.”

Javi shared some other brief assessments of his teammates Joshua Kimmich and Lewandowski. About Kimmich he said what we already know: “He’s a born leader. He knows how to lead. He’s going to be a legend, if he’s not already.”

Lewandowski, he said, is “having the best year of his career. Everything goes in. He’s an animal - the best No.9 in the world. Hopefully he continues like this until August.”

Plans for the future

Martinez is in the penultimate year of his contract with Bayern Munich, and his departure from Munich seems to be drawing near. Javi was frank about his situation: “I have to sit down and speak with Bayern,” he said. “My contract ends in 2021. I’m ready for anything. What I’ve experienced here has been great.”

But Javi could not say for sure what awaits later in the summer. “We have to wait because there’s a lot of uncertainty,” he said. “We don’t know what the market will be like, whether the Champions League is played...”

As for what the future may bring, Javi seems open to anything. He alluded to playing in the MLS, in the Australian A-League, and of course La Liga. “I’m open to anything. I’m not ruling anything out — anything that fulfils me personally and sporting-wise,” he said. “Maybe playing and living in the United States, in Australia, returning to Spain... I’ve still got football left in me.”

Looking back

MARCA asked Javi whether he realized how many trophies he has won with Bayern Munich. He replied, “My brother reminds me about them now. I’m very forgetful about everything, it’s not out of arrogance. I’m a disaster. Sometimes I even forget that I have kids and everything [laughs].”

And Javi’s only regret was that “I definitely wouldn’t have gone to hit the pass that Bernat gave to me against Dortmund — the one that destroyed my knee. Other than that, I’d have said a proper goodbye to Athletic. More than ever because there wasn’t time, or for another thing.” A reunion with his home club Athletic Bilbao of course could also eventually be in the works.

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