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Thomas Müller on racism: “We are a community”

Bayern Munich’s 25 also talked about Bundesliga life during the coronavirus crisis, Bayern’s Champions League campaign, that Pepe red card and more in a recent interview.

FC Bayern Muenchen v Fortuna Duesseldorf - Bundesliga Photo by Christof Stache/Pool via Getty Images

A few days ago, Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller spoke to the virtual press. Uncharacteristically speaking in English, he answered questions about a variety of topics. These included racism, the post-corona Bundesliga, Bayern’s Champions League campaign, and much more.

Chelsea and the Champions League

Muller was confident that Bayern would advance past Chelsea in the next round of the CL. Furthermore, he stated that Bayern is “afraid of nobody” when it comes to who they will play in the quarter finals. However, the German acknowledged that it’s “not that positive” that Bayern will not have played competitively for almost a month before the CL restarts in August. This is because the Bundesliga is set to conclude by the end of June.

Bizarrely, Muller was asked a question about the infamous Pepe headbutt during the 2014 World Cup. When answering it, he suggested that Pepe “maybe feared that Cristiano would be angry after the game” and that it “was not very clever” on the Portuguese’s part.

His evolving game and playing before empty stands

Since the Bundesliga came back, Muller has again been integral to Bayern’s performances, roaming around the pitch in his famous Raumdeuter role. However, Muller believes his game has evolved technically since he coined his nickname. He said, “I think I’m more than a space interpreter (now). My handling skills with the ball are very good”. Yet he acknowledged that the strongest area of his game is still his special awareness and movement. Stating that “of course, my quality with my runs, the right timing into the box, are one of my biggest qualities.”

In recent weeks, the Bundesliga has resumed but with no fans at stadiums. He called this the “biggest change” of the post corona Bundesliga — likening it to “amateur football.” The only positive of no supporters for him, was that players could “hear each other better” and easily transfer “important information.”

On racism: “sports has the power to bring people together, to speak with one tongue”

When questioned on racism, Muller had arguably his most impactful statement of the presser. Bayern’s 25 asked for translations from German to English and took his time in order not to be misinterpreted or mistakenly say the wrong thing. Firstly, he stated that “we are strong together” and “we are a community.” An important message.

Furthermore, Muller argued that our looks, voice and imagine shouldn’t define us: “The signal should be that it doesn’t matter how we look or speak.” The German also recognised the power and importance that sports can have. “Sports has the power to bring people together,” he said.

Watch his statement here:

Even in football, Muller pointed out that everyone is different, has different sizes, skills, backgrounds. He said, “We have so many different people in sports. Small people, large people. Some people are thin like me, some people are big like other players, strong players.”

Muller closed by saying that “everybody lives his life through his own eyes” but that sometimes people should look at life through different perspectives. He said “Sometimes, maybe we have to look (through) our teammate’s or other person’s eye,” a message everyone reading this should take home.

Müller’s incomparable physique

The press conference finished on a lighter note, as Muller was asked about his physique and (newly) muscular teammates (e.g Leon Goretzka). The former German international highlighted how Bayern’s stars kept fit during the break through “cyber training”. Before revealing a secret in his longevity, how he prevents injuries and the reason he keeps a thin frame. He said, “I try not to be as muscular as my teammates. It’s less weight on my bones (and) less injury. Therefore, I can play a little bit longer. That’s my secret”. Well, that strategy seems to have worked out for the lanky German so far...

During the press conference, he also talked about how he would take Robert Lewandowksi over both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Hansi Flick and his thoughts of moving to another club during the autumn. Watch the full press conference HERE, it’s worth it.

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