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The Bavarian Podcast Works Show: Episode 20 - One Year, One Month, One Hundred Thousand Downloads

We celebrate another milestone while talking Bayern v. Union, plus the other matches at the weekend for the Bundesliga!

Master Celebration FC Bayern Munich Photo by Sina Schuldt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Let’s consider what this podcast has done since we celebrated our last 50,000 subscriber mark:

  • Entered a partnership with the Bayern Munich office in New York
  • Released interviews with Gina Lewandowski, Rafael Honigstein, Phil Bonney, and Derek Rae (twice)
  • Produced a breaking news episode about the firing of Niko Kovac within 30 minutes of the announcement and having it still stand as our most downloaded episode.
  • Collaborated with SBN’s Chelsea blog We Ain’t Got No History to do a dual episode preview for the Champions League round of 16 first leg.
  • Lost, then regained Chuck Smith

It’s been a wild and bumpier road than expected. Whether that meant technical difficulties, changing schedules, or this entire coronavirus outbreak we’ve all been dealing with. But, it’s been extremely fulfilling and rewarding.

As on the podcast, I’d like to reiterate my thanks to the following people:

  • To Tom Adams and Chuck Smith for being amazing co-hosts and always adapting to on-the-fly changes. You guys are the best.
  • To John Dillon for giving me the green light last April to start this project
  • To Gina Lewandowski, for being the first footballer we’ve actually had the pleasure of interviewing
  • To Raphael Honigstein, for an interview that felt like a watershed moment for this podcast
  • To Phil Bonney, for being patient as we had multiple technical errors in releasing our interview, while always remaining cheerful (and for inadvertently shouting us out in a broadcast)
  • To Derek Rae, for being a great interview, whether we talk about football or a terrible pandemic, and for being an amazing mentor and friend
  • To all of my professors at Newhouse for helping me graduate, especially Keren Henderson, Suzanne Lysak, Jennifer Grygiel and Keith Kobland
  • To Richie O’Reilly and the social media team at FC Bayern Munich NYC for the help in growing this project of mine about the club I love
  • To my parents for everything
  • And to you fans. This is your podcast. We don’t do this without you. Everything we do, all the changes we make, the questions we answer, the topics we discuss, all stem from you. Thank you infinitely.

So with all that sappy stuff out of the way, we have an episode to tackle!

Today on the podcast:
- After 90 Minutes: Union Berlin - After a good, but not great performance, Jake isn’t convinced that the team was fully ready after quarantine, Chuck was happy to actually be doing something, and Tom thinks there are some players who have some work to do.
- We discuss the remaining games for teams 2, 3, and 4 in the title race and who poses the biggest threat to Bayern.
- The DFL’s rule against players celebrating in close contact was challenged this weekend, but no punishments were handed out. The team discusses whether or not the rule should remain.

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