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Bad hair and all, the masses are ready for Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga to re-start

We are just hours away from live football and for Bayern Munich fans, it can’t get here quickly enough.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

For just about any soccer fan, the Bundesliga is coming back at just the right time. For the members of this site’s community especially, Sunday’s match between Bayern Munich and Union Berlin could not get here quickly enough.

Admittedly, I was one of those degenerates seeking out live competition during this pandemic. After not finding much of anything I resorted to binge watching random cable or streaming shows, watching BFW’s Twitch stream of FIFA matches, and re-runs of old sporting events, including handball — which I had never seen played on television before.

FC Bayern Muenchen - Training Session
Thomas Müller might be happy to be back, but probably not quite as happy as the Bayern Munich fan community.
Photo by M. Donato/FC Bayern via Getty Images

Still, there was nothing that could quite quench that thirst for live sports, especially seeing Bayern Munich on the pitch. Even with those handball re-runs, the reminders of what we were missing without live sports hit hard. Who was in the crowd for the grudge match between Croatia and Norway? Bayern Munich’s Ivan Perisic, of course.

Yeah, I supposed I could have blown up my sleep schedule to check out the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) on ESPN, but if I wanted to watch subpar hitters bullying lackluster pitchers, I could just wait a few months for the Phillies’ bullpen to get back to work.

And, sure, The Last Dance has been decent, but it’s not telling any stories that we did not already know and certainly does not hold the drama and spontaneity of a live sporting event.

  • Michael Jordan is a tremendous winner with a stronger desire to win than most people have to live (✔)
  • Michael Jordan is a maniacal bag (✔)

Okay, got it.

The lament about the state of the world, however, does not quite end with the current lack of live events. Heck, we can’t even look presentable while re-living some of the past matches. For me, I’ve achieved the hat-trick of bad hair:

  1. Wolf Burns — Hair growing on your neck that starts to creep down from your hairline toward the bottom of your neck.
  2. Rat Boy — When the hair just above your ears starts to cover the top of your ears.
  3. Microphone Head — When the hair on the sides of your head begins to grow outward.

Given the tragic state of my looks, I need something to get my mind off my mop...and the Bundesliga is back just in time to make me forget that I am a hideous beast these days (Okay, okay...every day, just with worse hair! I’m a hideous beast every day anyway. There, you got me!)

Anyway, after months of watching old games, sports-related documentaries, and just about anything else, the Bundesliga is coming back to fill that void for the masses and, for that, we should all show some gratitude.

So here’s to you, German football! Thanks for giving the fans something to take their respective minds off of more serious things and for allowing people to have the release of watching a real, live competition.

Welcome back, Bundesliga, and welcome back, Bayern’ve been missed.

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