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Arjen Robben speaks about his wife’s battle with COVID-19

Robben’s wife has made a full recovery, but it was a difficult time when she battled the virus.

FC Bayern Muenchen Christmas Party Photo by A. Grimm/FC Bayern via Getty Images

The COVID-19 virus does not discriminate. Anyone of any age in good health can contract the virus and it affects everyone differently. Speaking on a Bayern Munich podcast (via Bild), Arjen Robben revealed that his wife, Bernadien, had tested positive for the corona virus. Thankfully, she’s made a full recovery, but he admitted that she went through a period of feeling pretty awful:

Fortunately, everything was still under control, but not nice. She felt really bad, but fortunately she has been tested negative now and is feeling better.

Specifically, Robben said that one of the worst symptoms that Bernadien had was the immense tightness and pressure in her chest, as the virus can cause severe congestion in the lungs. Many people take a while to start to feel better, and such was the case for her:

The worst for my wife was that she felt this pressure on her chest and had problems breathing. That was absolutely not a nice feeling. You also notice how long it lasts. It’s not as if you feel better after a day or two. I’m very glad that it didn’t get too bad.

Having been a professional footballer at high profile clubs for the majority of his life, Robben isn’t quite used to the idea of isolation, which is something he admitted was incredibly difficult during this period. Thankfully, he said, he had friends who were able to help his family after his wife tested positive, since they could not leave their home:

Fortunately, we have very close friends who then helped us. But it was a strange situation. You’re not allowed to go out. Groceries are bought and then left at your door. You are allowed to bring them inside later. We also have a dog, but we were not allowed to take him out into the woods. Friends picked him up and then took him for a walk.

Before Bayern resumed training in small groups at Säbener Strasse earlier this week, the team was taking advantage of cyber-training sessions where they all logged into a video-chat software simultaneously. Robben joined one of the cyber-sessions, following Bastian Schweinsteiger. He said it was a nice distraction and even admitted that it gave him the slight itch to put his boots back on and play:

Of course your feet still get the itch now and then, but it will probably always stay that way...

Thankfully, Arjen and his three children tested negative for the virus. Still, though, Robben has found an appreciation for the strict government guidelines in place to try and flatten the curve of the spread of the virus:

What’s necessary is necessary — I think so too now. Now almost everyone gets it. But in the beginning you saw people who thought, “It’s not so bad for me; I’m still young. We’ll walk on the street.” But that was absolutely not cool. I still ohpe that now everyone gets it and that we now do what we are told.

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