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Bavarian FIFA Works - My Wifi Still Sucks

Our first game of the DFB Pokal was interesting and action packed...but no one can see it.

Eintracht Frankfurt v Werder Bremen - DFB Cup Photo by Roland Krivec/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

So unfortunately, my wifi is going to prevent me from posting a video of our virtual Bayern Munich side’s first game of the DFB Pokal.

Weirdly, the FIFA game keeps all of the Bundesliga sides out of the first round, only to appear one round later. This kinda makes sense because of the English system, but it’s disappointing to me. Those great first round matchups against 3. Liga and Regionalliga sides always give me some reasons for excitement, but none of them happen here. Also, matches that definitely should have happened at lower sides’ home stadia didn’t happen. For example, our game definitely should have been played in the Saxony city of Aue, but instead we were at home. A true dissappointment.

Before I start with our game, I looked at the other teams that made it out of the first round. The matchup results were as follows:

  • 1. FC Nurnberg 2-2 Eintracht Braunschweig (Nurnberg won 4-3 on pens)
  • Dynamo Dresden 1-1 SV Wiesbaden (Dresden won 4-3 on pens)
  • Erzgebirge Aue 2-0 Holstein Kiel
  • TSV 1860 München 2-1 Carl Zeiss Jena
  • VfB Stuttgart 2-1 1. FC Magdeburg
  • FC Ingolstadt 1-0 FC Bayern Munich II
  • Vfl Osnabrück 0-2 VfL Bochum
  • 1. FC Kaiserslautern 1-1 FSV Zwickau (Kaiser won 4-3 on Pens)
  • Hannover 96 2-0 FC St. Pauli
  • Armenia Bielefeld 2-2 SSV Jahn Regensburg (Regensburg won 4-3 on Pens)
  • Hamburger SV 1-1 SV Sandhausen (HSV won 5-4 on Pens)
  • Viktoria Köln 0-2 SV Darmstadt 98
  • Karlsruhe SC 2-0 FC Hansa Rostock
  • Greuther Fürth 1-2 FC Heidenheim

It sucks that our youth team couldn’t win, but there are a bunch of fun teams that made it to the next round. Of course, I’d love for TSV to advance because I really want to play a Munich Derby sometime in this career simulation.

But enough of everyone else, time to focus on our game!

DFB Pokal Second Round - Bayern Munich vs. Erzgebirge Aue

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1)


Sané - Coutinho - Coman

Thiago - Goretzka

Alaba - Hernandez - Süle - Kimmich


It’s only fair to give Sven the Wall some Pokal time. Coutinho did well in his last few games, so he gets more time here.

Erzgebirge Aue (4-2-3-1)


Zulechner - Hochscheidt - Baumgart

Samson - Riese

Kusić - Wydra - Kalig - Rizzuto


Yet another matchup of the 4-2-3-1 formations.

5’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (FCB 1:0 ERZ)

A great pass from Sané to Lewy gives him a lot of time and room to bury the shot to the keeper’s left.

24’ GOAL from Philipp Riese (FCB 1:1 ERZ)

I completely blame Sven Ulreich for this one. Kusić was being marked pretty leniently, so he sends a cross in to Riese who is marked tight by Lucas Hernandez. He puts a great header onto it and instead of following the ball, Ulreich looks like a fool and ducks down instead of putting his hands up.

27’ GOAL from Philippe Coutinho (FCB 2:1 ERZ)

A quick response as Lewandowski picks out Coutinho running into the box. Couts puts it past the right post and we’re quickly back on top.

37’ GOAL from Kingsley Coman (FCB 3:1 ERZ)

A great run down the right side pays dividends for Coman, who waltzes into the box and curls a shot with his left foot into the left side netting.

45 + 3’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (FCB 4:1 ERZ)

Kimmich plays a long ball to Leon Goretzka who crosses it into the middle. The Polish striker hits an unstoppable shot on the volley to pour onto the lead.

Halftime Substitution: Jann-Fiete Arp for Robert Lewandowski

A brace from Lewy means he’s getting more tired than ever and with a big game coming up this weekend, we need him healthy. So, Arp takes over for the second half.

58’ Substitution: Mickaël Cuisance for Thiago Alcantara

This is what we brought him back from loan for. Thiago is just dead tired at this point, so off he comes and on comes the young Frenchman.

64’ GOAL from Philippe Coutinho (FCB 5:1 ERZ)

Goretzka feeds Coutinho who is in the box. He makes a turn around his defender, opening up space to the left and puts a shot in the net with ease.

76’ Substitution: Benjamin Pavard for Leon Goretzka

Kimmich moves to the CDM position as Pavard comes on at RB. A winded Goretzka takes a well deserved rest.

78’ HAT-TRICK GOAL from Philippe Coutinho (FCB 6:1 ERZ)

Once again, Kimmich moves up the pitch and gets the ball to the Brazilian. The Little Magician is able to weave his way to the middle again and seals his hat-trick.

And with that goal, we end our game!

Match Awards

Jersey Swap: Philipp Riese

9/10 passing, 9/9 dribbling, 1 goal

That lone goal at the beginning gave us a bit of a scare, but ended up being the lone goal for the side from Aue. Nevertheless, it was a brilliant header at the short post and a great effort always deserves applause.

Tip of the Cap: Leon Goretzka

9/10 Passing, 10/10 dribbling, 2 assists

We always expect a good passing game from Leon, and he contributed one of those yet again. This time, his beautifully placed cross helped give us our first volleyed goal of the year.

Golf Clap: Kingsley Coman

6/7 Passing, 6/9 dribbling, 1/1 SOG, 1 goal

A good game from the Frenchman, bagging one of his first goals of the year. While his 67% dribbling wasn’t the best, his 86% passing ability was impressive and helpful.

Standing Ovation: Robert Lewandowski

7/8 Passing, 7/8 dribbling, 2/2 SOG, 2 goals, 2 assists

A wonderful performance from Lewy, bagging two and distributing two. More impressive was the 88% mark for passing and dribbling for the Polish international. He may have to sit in favor of Timo Werner next game, but he’ll surely be looked at as a substitute.

Meister of the Match: Philippe Coutinho

15/17 Passing, 17/18 dribbling, 4/5 SOG, 3 goals

Remember when I told you how the game isn’t real life? In real life, there’s no way Coutinho would come to this Bayern team and score 6 goals in three games. He was asked to fill an impossibly large role for the next few games as Thomas Muller recovers, but, he’s been more than up to the task. He’ll probably score a lot more.

Elsewhere in the Pokal

Now to why I kinda hate this game: how it over-powers teams in the top flight.

Cup competitions are magical because it’s the time for the lower division teams to shine against their larger competitions.

What did we get instead?

* = a lower division side

So, what does this mean?

  • For context, out of all the teams in the Bundesliga that competed, only two lost to lower opponents. The only major upset was 5th place Hertha losing to Hannover 96.
  • The only three teams below 9th place who failed to advance were: 12th place Schalke, who lost to 4th place Wolfsburg; 18th place Paderborn who lost to 8th place Leipzig; and 15th place Union Berlin who played a large side in Hamburg.
  • Not only did the teams near the relegation zone win, they won big. 17th place Hoffenheim, 16th place Augsburg, and 14th place Düsseldorf, combined to win their matches 12-3.
  • It’s yet another year we fail to have a Munich Derby.
  • As a result, only Hannover 96 and Hamburger SV moved on to the third round. Contrast that with real life, which saw FIVE teams from lower divisions move to the Round of 16.

We drew Wolfsburg for our third round game just before the Winterpause.

But, tomorrow at 11:00am we have our next BuLi fixture against Eintracht Frankfurt, so be sure to tune in!

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