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Bavarian FIFA Works - The Boys Bounce Back

Following a crushing defeat in the Bavarian Derby, Bayern comes back in a big way.

Bundesliga match postponed Photo by Jens Kalaene/picture alliance via Getty Images

Sorry that I completely skipped a virtual Bayern Munich match, but I’m not gonna write a post about it now that it’s been a few days.

Long story short: Augsburg’s keeper made 6 saves, we couldn’t convert our shots, and we lost 1-0. It was annoying and frustrating, but the main reason we lost could have been because we benched 8 of our starters for a more important game. We were left with little attacking options in order to rest our players for the unbelievable gauntlet of games ahead which sees us playing 9 matches in between international breaks. As much as this loss may have stung, it may have also been exactly what we needed to move onwards and upwards.

We had a huge doubleheader on our hands last Friday, with our third Champions League group stage game and a Bundesliga match against 1. FC Union Berlin in a matter of four days.

UCL Group Stage Game 3 - Bayern Munich vs. Olympiacos CFP

This was another two part video thanks to a poor WiFi connection.

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1)


Sané - Müller - Coman

Thiago - Goretzka

Alaba - Hernandez - Süle - Kimmich


More players return from our most recent matchup against Augsburg, with the hope that we can pull the more tired players with a quick lead in this game.

Olympiacos CFP (4-5-1)

El Arabi

Masouras - Bouchalakis - Camara - Guilherme - Podence

Torosidis - Semedo - Cissé - Gaspar

Jose Sá

I was shocked to find that only three Greek players were in the starting rotation for Olympiacos. Sigh, the globalization of football claims another victim.

4’ GOAL from Timo Werner (FCB 1:0 OLY)

We were hoping for an early goal, and here it is! Werner finds himself with the ball and a lot of room. He cuts into the box and puts it past the keeper’s right side. I’m keeping this short because there’s going to be a lot of these goals.

17’ GOAL from Thomas Muller (FCB 2:0 OLY)

A nice buildup from Bayern got snuffed out, but there were enough players in the box to clean up some poor clearances. Goretzka gets the ball to Müller who takes it around two defenders and beats Jose Sá.

29’ GOAL from Thomas Muller (FCB 3:0 OLY)

Muller could have easily dumped this ball off to a marginally onside Timo Werner, but who can blame him for being selfish? Ruben Semedo isn’t able to keep up with Muller’s dribbling as the Ramdeuter fires a shot off the post and in.

34’ GOAL from Youssef El Arabi (FCB 3:1 OLY)

You couldn’t really blame Manu or the backline for this one, it was just a lucky goal. Camara’s shot is easily parried by Neuer, but his deflection lands right in front of El Arabi who is able to pounce on it quicker than Süle.

45’ HAT-TRICK GOAL from Thomas Muller (FCB 4:1 OLY)

Another great dribbling goal from Muller. After receiving a ball from the right wing, Muller just patiently dribbles all around the box. He finally gets some space and cashes in.

Halftime Substitution: Philippe Coutinho for Thomas Muller

I know what a lot of you are thinking, but Coutinho is a great player for this game. He’s skilled and pacy which means he can do a lot. Muller has some of the worst stamina on this team. If you came here hating Couts, get ready for a whirlwind.

61’ Substitute: Jann-Fiete Arp for Timo Werner

Timo put some close shots up in the end, but he’s also a starter we need to rest. Lewy basically gets the night off as the youngster Arp comes on looking for his first Bayern goal.

69’ (nice) GOAL from Philippe Coutinho (FCB 5:1 OLY)

Some wonderful footwork on the assist and the goal. Arp dribbles past a few defenders before playing a ball through for the Brazilian who dances and buries the ball in the top right corner.

74’ GOAL from Philippe Coutinho (FCB 6:1 OLY) [not shown on video]

Arp finds Coutinho again who calmly slots it with his left foot into the opposite corner of the net.

80’ GOAL from Jann-Fiete Arp (FCB 7:1 OLY)

This was an absolutely amazing goal. He received a pass from Sané about 38 yards out, used some skilled dribbling to get past two defenders on his way to slamming a goal home in the top left corner. It’s his first FC Bayern Munich goal.

85’ HAT-TRICK GOAL from Philippe Coutinho (FCB 8:1 OLY)

Arp’s pass to Coutinho came from just inside the midfield circle. Coutinho broke for about 50 yards of wide open space untouched to slam it into the left side. Absolutely magnificent.

90+3’ GOAL from Jann-Fiete Arp (FCB 9:1 OLY)

More great skill from the youngster after a feed from Coutinho. He fakes Semedo one way and breaks for 38 yards the other way and puts it right in the back of the net again.

That’s it. 9-1. In the Champions League.

Match Awards

Jersey Swap: Youssef El Arabi

86% Passing, 100% dribbling, 1/3 SOG, 1 Goal

The lone Olympiacos goal was a bit of a lucky one, but the 33-year old striker cleaned it up nonetheless. He was the only bright spot on a team that didn’t really show up defensively as their tired backline continued to let Bayern attackers find space in their ranks.

Tip of the Cap: Leon Goretzka

94% passing, 92% dribbling, 2 assists

The Silent Assassin strikes again. The two assists from Leon were just what the doctor ordered as I can now believe that he is the more dominant midfielder with the nice little points streak he has going for himself, to borrow a hockey term.

Golf Clap: Timo Werner

100% Passing, 73% dribbling 3/4 SOG, 1 Goal

Not a bad day at all from the German striker. He’s been doing fantastic so far this season, and the goal he scored to open the onslaught was perfect for him and us.

Standing Ovation: Thomas Muller

89% Passing, 82% dribbling 3/3 SOG, 3 goals

I too asked myself why a hat-trick scorer would only be the third best player on this team. Well, in a game that resulted in 9 goals, these things are going to happen.

Meisters of the Match: Philippe Coutinho & Jann-Fiete Arp

PC: 88% Passing, 91% dribbling, 3 goals, 1 assist

J-FA: 100% Passing, 100% Dribbling, 2/3 SOG, 2 goals, 3 assists

It was so hard to choose between these two. On one hand, Coutinho’s hat trick was a remarkable accomplishment, coming on at the half and taking just 16 minutes to bag all three goals.

On the other, Arp put up five points, bagging the assist hatty and two amazing goals.

Seeing as they both made their first contributions to the scoresheet, I’ll put both of them here.

BuLi MD9 - Bayern Munich vs. 1. FC Union Berlin

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1)


Davies - Muller - Gnabry

Thiago - Goretzka

Alaba - Hernandez - Upamecano - Kimmich


Upamecano steps in while Süle gets some rest. After Sané’s tough outing, he gets the day off with Perisič on the bench to replace Davies if needed.

1. FC Union Berlin (3-4-2-1)


Adegbenro - Gogia

Malli - Cork - Jorginhson - Flecker

Schlotterbeck - Hübner - Subotić


An odd formation for a team that hasn’t had the best success in their first top flight campaign.

33’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (FCB 1:0 UOB)

After Müller gets assaulted twice, the ball finds Phonzie who gets it to Lewy’s feet. He’s able to make space then finish it off in the right side of the goal.

34’ INJURY to Thomas Muller REPLACED BY Philippe Coutinho

It’s not even halftime and Thomas has already taken a beating. Two hard tackles in a matter of a minute leave the midfielder clutching his shoulder as he gets off the pitch. After the match, he was diagnosed with a Bruised Shoulder and is guaranteed to miss the Second Round of the DFB-Pokal.

49’ GOAL from Leon Goretzka (FCB 2:0 UOB)

A Neven Subotic foul on Lewandowski just outside the box gives Goretzka a 20 yard free kick. He hits it beautifully and bends it into the top left corner for out first set-piece goal of the year.

53’ GOAL from Alphonso Davies (FCB 3:0 UOB)

The Canadian youngster takes the ball and works some magic, making space appear out of thin air. He basically does a half Cruyff turn inside the box and buries it in the right side.

We made a few more substitutions during this game but outside of that, that’s the game!

Match Awards

Jersey Swap: Florian Hübner

Tip of the Cap: Robert Lewandowski

7/8 Passing, 9/14 dribbling, 1/2 SOG, 1 goal

A clinical, but not outstanding game from Lewy; just business as usual. Lucky for us, his business as usual is bagging a goal and getting over 80% passing.

Golf Clap: Manuel Neuer

5/6 passing, 2/2 dribbling, 7 saves

I first had Neuer and Lewy swapped, but then I remembered how many saves Manu made. Any keeper that keeps a shutout with 7 shots on target has to be a top 3 player.

Standing Ovation: Leon Goretzka

18/19 Passing, 19/19 dribbling 1/2 SOG, 1 goal

A great day at the office for the Silent Assassin. Every game, I’m always surprised at his passing and dribbling numbers. He’s a testament to the idea that you don’t always have to contribute goals to be a reliable offensive player. But, his free kick goal was amazing in its own right. Almost good enough to get him MOTM.

Meister of the Match: Alphonso Davies

6/6 Passing, 7/10 dribbling, 2/2 SOG, 1 goal, 1 assist

The youngster hasn’t featured much for Bayern and this was his first game starting at LM, his natural position. But boy did he come through. I can see him becoming a major contributor at this club in the years to come, as long as he can get his stamina up.

Our last three games saw us go 2-0-1 with a combined scoreline of 12-2.

Before we wrap up, one major point to make: I decided to terminate Mickaël Cuisance’s loan at Union Berlin. He wasn’t getting much playing time, and as we are only halfway through this gauntlet, our midfield needs some rest. I don’t want to keep switching Alaba to midfield, so an injection of young blood in the form of Cuisance will be more than welcome.

He may even start our game tomorrow against FC Erzgebirge Aue in our club’s first match of the DFB-Pokal. I’ll preview the other games and play our own tomorrow at noon ET. I’ll see you then!

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