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Miroslav Klose to get his pro coaching license — to join Hansi Flick on the Bayern bench?

Germany’s all time leading goalscorer is now taking another step in his footballing career. What does that mean for Bayern?

“Almauftrieb” At Kaefer Tent - Oktoberfest 2019
Zum Wohl, Miro!
Photo by Gisela Schober/Getty Images

Bayern Munich’s current U17 team coach Miroslav Klose will take the next step in his coaching career in the coming weeks.

According to SPORT1, the all-time World Cup top goalscorer has already taken the first step in the coaching process, and thus began his journey to attain his UEFA Pro license, the highest license that a coach can attain in Europe. In Germany, you must have a UEFA Pro license if you want to coach in the first to third divisions of the Bundesliga (the Premier League, on the other hand, only requires a Pro license for the first division).

Now, in order to get a UEFA Pro license in Germany, coaching applicants to go through an incredibly vigorous program at the Hennes-Weisweiler academy for ten months for them to achieve the prestigious title of “Fußball-Lehrer.” That’s assuming you pass the aforementioned first step, which is a big challenge of its own. It involves an interview, a couple of written exams, and a practical exam, all in the space of three days. Klose, thankfully, passed it, along with Bayern U19 coach Danny Schwarz.

Klose will start his training in June and is set to take his final exam in April 2021. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Weltmeister and his fellow students may have to start their training online. Because of the unprecedented nature of the crisis, the DFB is currently devising a new plan for this year’s wave of applicants.

Of course, this new step in Klose’s career has been spotted by Bild, and they have put out a speculative report that Klose might join Hansi Flick in the first team as his assistant coach.

Now of course, this is a big maybe, and whether this is true remains to be seen. Considering the fact that Klose turned down the U19 gig last summer, it’s obvious that he will not take the next step unless he is certain of it. All things considered, it seems rather unlikely that he would jump up to the first team.

Klose has been very successful while coaching the U17s, reaching the final playoffs of the B-Junioren Bundesliga last season, and currently in third in the league’s southwest division, five points off leaders Mainz.

Here’s hoping that Miro becomes as successful, if not more, as a coach as he was as a player!

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