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A BPW Quarantine Conversation - Derek Rae

The Scottish commentator makes his return to discuss COVID, the future of German football, and more!

Derek Rae via Twitter

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting to interview Derek again for this podcast for at least another season.

The last time we spoke, Bayern Munich was looking rocky under Niko Kovac, but there wasn’t anything to be too afraid of. The slip-ups wouldn’t come for another few months.

Oh what a quaint little world it was back then.

Since then, COVID-19 has shut down the world as we know it and everything has stopped. I asked Derek onto the podcast because he’s been following this story for many months after the first case of the novel coronavirus was spotted in Germany, in a suburb of Munich. I couldn’t think of anyone else better to start off our new series: Quarantine Conversations.

Welcome to our Quarantine Conversation series, where we sit down and have conversations while we are forced inside our homes amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.
Today, our guest is Friend of the Pod Derek Rae, an international soccer commentator and someone who has been following this story and its impact on the footballing world for a long time.
Part I: COVID Response - Jake and Derek are both admittedly not health professionals, but they both offer their thoughts on how those in charge have responded to their messages. Jake goes deeper into things he has experienced during the outbreak, and Derek sheds light on who he trusts for the best information.
Part II: COVID and Football - As leagues across the world prepare for different outcomes to their seasons than they may have hoped, the two discuss alternative scenarios to how seasons will end. Jake expresses concern that some German football clubs may fall into hardship, while Derek looks shares a more positive outlook.
Part III: The Lighter Side - We end by talking about what we are doing during quarantine, which games we want to see and what we look forward to doing at the end of all this.

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Stay safe and social distance. Until next time!

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