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Daily Schmankerl: Former teammate thinks Bayern Munich might be too much for Leroy Sané, Javi Martinez happy to play under Flick, ultras protest ghost games

Dennis Aogo wonders whether the baggage of Bayern might be too much for Leroy Sané. Javi Martinez is happy to stick around and play for Hansi Flick.

SV Werder Bremen vs FC Schalke 04
Marco Höger, Dannis Aogo, Leroy Sané, and Leon Goretzka in 2015.
Photo by Carmen Jaspersen/picture alliance via Getty Images

Dennis Aogo wonders whether Bayern Munich might be too much for Sané (SPOX)

Former Schalke defender Dennis Aogo (now with VfB Stuttgart) gave a fascinating interview to SPOX in which he went far beyond the usual sports platitudes. Among other topics, he also briefly touched on his former teammate Leroy Sané’s potential return to the Bundesliga. Aogo said,

I think it would be fantastic for the league, because he represents the spectacular. Still, I don’t know whether a transfer to Bayern would be right for Leroy. The package of expectations and transfer fee might influence him. He is a great guy, but I also knew him to be a sensitive type. He may have developed in that respect, but after such a serious injury this baggage could also become too heavy.

Aogo recalled how Sané scored against Real Madrid when Schalke defeated them 4:3 but was knocked out anyway, counting him among his best teammates ever.

Aogo tells how Robben destroyed him ... with professionalism

Dennis Aogo had much more to say about his experiences on the pitch. His favorite teammate? Ze Roberto. But his most difficult opponent? Arjen Robben. Here are his comments in full. They are well worth reading:

Very easily Arjen Robben, against whom I had many duels. He impressed me extremely. When I thought in my youthful madness I was somebody as a national player, I often had a big mouth before games against Bayern. Before every game, I planned: “Today I’ll come off the pitch the winner and destroy him.”

On the pitch, I looked for a one on one and tried to throw him off with provocations or insults. But he was so wildly focused that he didn’t let it affect him at all and did his thing for all 90 minutes. He took me apart more than once.

Even when I insulted him, he showed stile and class. There are players who then come to you and rub your face in it when they’ve destroyed you, but Robben always respectfully offered me his hand after games and wished me all the best. That hurt much more than an insulting counter. He was simply a brutal sportsman and almost impossible to stop during a game although everyone knew what was coming. His pace and timing were unique.

On the other hand, he stood out as a human being, because he had no need to stoop to my level. I take my hat off to Arjen Robben.

SPOX asked what Aogo did to try to deal with Robben. He said,

That’s not always Rated G (laughing). With Arjen, I often just tried to play excessively hard. I can remember after one game in which I was shown the yellow card after ten minutes. That was my death sentence. I was outplayed really badly after that.

I love Arjen Robben.

Javi Martinez says Flick is planning with him (SPOX)

Javi Martinez talked about his situation on a video talk and struck a unexpectedly positive note about his future at Bayern Munich. In particular, Javi seems happy to play for Hansi Flick. He said,

Look at how often I have played under the new coach when I was fit: 80, 90 percent. The coach has told me that he is very happy with me and is planning with me.

Javi supposedly can imagine continuing his career at Bayern, regardless whether he extends his contract, set to end in 2021.

For me, it’s important now that we soon can play again and conclude the season with the most success possible. What I’ve heard thus far is that Bayern is counting on me. In Germany, there are no release clauses. If they say, “You’re not going,” then you don’t go. Bayern has the last word.

Alphonso Davies to play PES 2020 best of three for UN refugee aid (AZ)

Alphonso Davies and fellow former refugee Asmir Begovic of AC Milan will battle it out for a good cause on PES 2020. The two will play a best-of-three tournament on Saturday to raise money to support the United Nations refugee agency’s fight against the coronavirus.

Davies said,

As a former refugee, I’m personally very grateful for the help that my family received. I hope that the spectators who are currently protecting themselves and their families, also can contribute to help support refugees who have lost everything.

All the donations that are made during the livestream of the tournament will be used by the UNHCR to support efforts on behalf of refugees worldwide.

Bayern ultras protest ghost games plan (AZ)

Bayern ultras have hung up protest banners in various places around Munich to voice their opposition to the DFL’s plan to restart the Bundesliga season with ghost games.

“Your rapacity does not even stop for a pandemic! No to ghost games.” The Südkurve München in the city today with clear messages on ghost games & a return to the Bundesliga.

Another banner read, “Coronavirus tests for risk groups instead of the puppets of millionaires!”

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