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DFL-task force to present a plan for Geisterspiele

Task force suggests a maximum of 300 people at games with no fans

FC Bavaria - RB Leipzig Photo by Matthias Balk/picture alliance via Getty Images

As the world begins to make plans on when and how to get back to business, the Bundesliga is doing the same. We are beginning to see how teams like Bayern Munich will play games without fans, or Geisterspiele, will be played. According to reports by kicker, a DFL-task force led by DFB’s head physician, Tim Meyer, will present a plan at Thursday’s general assembly. This proposed plan is described as a “detailed, mandatory policy with strict hygiene guidelines, required testing, and permanent monitoring.”

The proposal also outlines the number of people allowed to be on the stadium grounds. A maximum of approximately 300 hundred people will be split up into three zones. The task force counts about 98 people will be on or near the field. This includes the 22 players on the field, the 18 substitutes, and five referees among others. The other zones would be the stands and outside of the stadium, on the grounds. These two zones would also have about 100 people each.

The plan will have detailed recommendations for the teams and media attending the game. One topic covered is what to do with a person who tests positive for the virus. The person should go into isolation and anyone that came into contact with them should be tested. The biggest thing that they want in this case is for the team to remain calm and not cause any panic — internally or externally. They are even asking for teams not to report every positive test to the media right away.

We should hear more about this plan as it gets presented at the general assembly and teams make plans according to the final plans. Although it will be weird to see the games without fans, it will be nice to have games to watch again.

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