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Bavarian FIFA Works - A Necessary Week Off

After last week’s absence of games, we get right back to business


I know that I’m not the only one excited to see the potential return of Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga this coming May, and for those of you wondering if we would continue this series when the league starts back up the answer is: maybe.

A lot of moving parts are still going down around all of this so be sure to bear with us!

Like with this last week for example. A huge windstorm on the American East Coast knocked out power to my house for a day and a half and basically de-railed my streaming and upload schedule.

But, we are back with this AND SOME MAJOR UPDATES at the end of the match recap and awards:

BuLi MD 12 - Bayern Munich @ Fortuna Düsseldorf 95

So, we come out of a much needed International Break in order to play our last three games of the month of November.

We start off with a trip to North Rhine-Westphalia:

Fortuna Düsseldorf (4-2-3-1)


Thommy - Stöger - Skrzybski

Bodzek - López

García - Ayhan - Bormuth - Zimmerman


American Zach Steffen rides the bench along with Polish striker Kownacki

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1)


Coutinho - Arp - Perísič

Thiago - Goretzka

Davies - Hernandez - Pavard - Kimmich


Why so many substitutes? Read to the end of the article.

11’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (F95 0-1 FCB)

A pass from Thiago finds Arp at the top of the box. His through ball to Lewy was kinda soft and was almost stolen by a Fortuna defender. But, Lewy somehow was able to body the defender off the ball and slip in a cute little shot to give Bayern the lead.

17’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (F95 0-2 FCB)

This was just flashy from beginning to end. Arp is able to back heel a through ball to Coutinho on the wings. Couts crosses it into the center where Lewy is able to take an unmarked shot on the volley to double his luck.

32’ HAT TRICK GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (F95 0-3 FCB)

The man can’t be denied. A soft pass from Coutinho along the top of the box finds Lewy who makes a turn and weasels it into the right side for his hatty.

Halftime Substitution - Serge Gnabry for Robert Lewandowski

This is a more complicated switch than on paper. Arp moves to main striker, Perísič flips to the Left Wing, Coutinho goes to the No. 10 role and Gnabry takes his usual spot on the right.

70’ Two Major Misses & a Fortuna substitution (F95 0-3 FCB)

To start off, these misses were insane. Gnabry took the ball down the right side and crossed it into the box. Arp took the volley and shot the ball across his body. It deflected off the left post but dropped in front of a rushing Thiago. Thiago shot it from left to right but yet again it deflected off the post. Arp was there to clean it up but he was ruled offsides.

After all of that Fortuna brought on Ljubomir Fejsa for Adam Bodzek, which means that Fejsa might come back later on.

78’ GOAL from Philippe Coutinho (F95 0-4 FCB)

A nice pass to Coutinho put him 45 yards away from the net. Somehow he was able to sprint and dribble his way into the box. Couts then cut back and curled a shot in with his left foot.

83’ GOAL from Jann-Fiete Arp (F95 0-5 FCB)

Some wonderful left wing play between substitute David Alaba and Ivan Perísič sets the team up in a great position around the box. Alaba passes it to Arp who is able to fight off defenders and bury a shot right side.

90+2’ GOAL from Ljubomir Fejsa (F95 1-5 FCB)

Well, what a waste of some time wasting tactics. Lucas Hernandez isn’t able to get a pass to Pavard off in time before Fejsa steals it and puts in a too easy shot on a helpless Neuer. Luca’s getting some bench time next game.

Match Awards

Jersey Swap: Ljubomir Fejsa

2/2 passing, 1/2 dribbling, 1/1 SOG, 1 goal

This was just a lucky goal that went in from a team that was suffering along the backline. If it wasn’t for Fejsa’s goal, I don’t know who would have gotten this award.

Tip of the Cap: Alphonso Davies

22/22 passing, 14/14 dribbling

The young Canadian did a great job making recovery runs and owning that left side of the pitch. But, more importantly, his perfect passing and dribbling started the buildup to crucial goals and it’s that effort that lands him here.

Golf Clap: Jann-Fiete Arp

11/11 passing, 10/11 dribbling, 2/3 SOG, 1 goal, 2 assists

The 19-year old bags another Bundesliga goal while also contributing to two Lewandowski goals. Great passing and dribbling numbers pile onto his outstanding performance on the field today.

Standing Ovation: Philippe Coutinho

12/17 passing, 19/20 dribbling, 2/3 crossing, 2/2 SOG, 1 goal, 2 assists

Brazil’s little magician had some tricks up his sleeve today. While his passing wasn’t great, his 19/20 dribble rate was outstanding. Add in his cross assist to Lewy, slide pass to Lewy and a goal he grabbed himself, and this is an impressive day.

Meister of the Match: Robert Lewandowski

6/7 passing, 7/8 dribbling, 3/3 SOG 3 goals

He bags another hat trick. Done and dusted. He goes top of the BuLi Scoring List.

So, two things to mention before this is wrapped up.

National Team Offers

If you recall a few episodes ago, I turned down an offer to be the manager of the Northern Ireland National Team. In a weird sense, I thought I was too good a coach to accept such an offer from a team who expected me to qualify for the World Cup. I was expecting offers from teams like Venezuela, Peru and the United States, who I was linked with earlier.

But today, we got an offer from a bigger team:

I’m now officially the manager of Gli Azzurri and weirdly enough, I was scheduled to play both International Break games, including a game against Iceland the day after I signed. But we handled Iceland and our next opponent, Wales, with ease; winning 4-0 both times.

Doubleheaders For The Rest of The Week

Here’s why:

Nine Bayern Munich games in four weeks. Ouch. This is gonna be tough.

But, I’m gonna do two games per day from Tuesday through Friday to make up for lost time last week.

So, tune in tomorrow starting at 11:30 am ET on Twitch to catch all the action!

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