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Aaron Ramsey and Eden Hazard should try Robert Lewandowski’s dessert before dinner plan

Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski might have the secret on how to avoid packing on pounds during the quarantine.

Today - Season 68 Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

At a time when world class athletes are being left to their own devices, coping mechanisms can vary. Some will commit to working out. Others will commit to charity. Others (like here and here) will bag (operative word!) all of the recommended social distancing protocols.

Still, some will find other ways to pass the time.

For Juventus midfielder and Wales international Aaron Ramsey, the 29-year-old candidly told the masses he has turned to cookies. Per a report from Ramsey hit Instagram live with One Direction member Niall Horan, only to detail his need for a “sweet” surrender:

I’m eating too many cookies, I’m worried I’m going to put on extra weight. Of course, I’m abiding by the diet scheduled by the club. And I’m training, but doing it at home it’s nothing like field session. My wife loves cooking, and I love eating: not a great combo, if you want to keep being fit. I’m usually very careful to what I eat, and how much I do, but those cookies, the ones we buy for the kids...I keep on raiding them, every time I have a cup of tea. I hope this thing going is over soon.

Preach brother.

Anyway, in a BFW exclusive, we have obtained Ramsey’s typical daily agenda, which is oddly based on the same regimen based on a “blue friend” from your past:

Moreover, Real Madrid star Eden Hazard has ALSO confessed that his quarantine diet has revolved too much around munching on some “buns.” (PHRASING!)

Perhaps both Hazard and Ramsey should consult with Bayern Munich fitness nut/best striker in the world Robert Lewandowski on how to approach wanting sweets, while still getting yoked. Lewandowski’s “dessert before dinner” routine is legendary in these parts.

Look, it’s tough. Not everyone can commit to the “dessert before dinner” revolution, so big credit to all the athletes out there trying to stay fit, while also trying to fend off the urge for a delicious treat one, two, or 13 times a day. As a wise man once said, “It ain’t easy.”

Meanwhile in Bavaria...Niklas Süle to Ramsey and Hazard:

(Note: We do not really think Ramsey and Hazard are getting portly. Also, Süle is not really a “lard arse” or “chonk” as portrayed by the German media last summer. Have fun...maybe even enjoy a cookie!)

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