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Bavarian FIFA Works - Boring European Nights?

Bayern plays a Romanian side and demolishes them.

Bayern Munich Training Camp - Day 3 Photo by Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images

I’m just going to hop right into this one. Virtual Bayern Munich is a dominant force and rarely needs an introduction, especially against sides like this.

UCL Group Stage Match 2 - Bayern Munich vs. Astra Giurgiu

Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1)


Coman - Müller - Werner

Thiago - Goretzka

Davies - Hernandez - Upamecano - Kimmich


Considering we have an upcoming game against Hoffenheim, I want everyone as healthy as possible. So, Sané, Alaba, Süle, and Gnabry sit this game.

Astra Giurgiu (4-4-1-1)



Râdut - Budescu - Crepulja - Bègue

Radunović - Tamaş - Graovac - Bruno


If you say that you can name one person on this team, you’re lying.

13’ GOAL from Thomas Muller (FCB 1:0 AST)

I guess the best Astra could do from a defending standpoint was put everyone on their team in the box and hope nothing came of it. Müller just needed to dribble around half their men in the box to find the open shot and put it in the net.

39’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (FCB 2:0 AST)

Lewandowski tried to be his usual self and passed the ball to Müller, but it got poked away from the Ramdeuter, but not far enough away that Lewy couldn’t get it. He takes the ball, dribbles a bit, then rifles a shot into the right side netting.

This leads to halftime of this snoozefest.

63’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (FCB 3:0 AST)

This was a funny little goal. After an inital Timo attempt was cleared out, Goretzka passed to Müller who got the ball to Lewandowski being guarded tight. Lewy managed to make a turn and tried to take a shot but the defender’s leg caught the shooter’s and the ball just trickled in front of him. In desperation, Lewy half-chipped/half-knuckleballed this goal past the keeper for one of the weirdest goals I’ve ever scored.

63’ SUBSTITUTION: Jann-Fiete Arp for Kingsley Coman (FCB 3:0 AST)

The Arp Train makes its first stop this season and it’s sad that he made nothing of it. For the rest of the game, we kept trying to feed him and nothing ever materialized. He’ll get another chance later on in the campaign.

71’ SUBSTITUTION: David Alaba for Alphonso Davies (FCB 3:0 AST)

Nothing more than getting some tired legs off the pitch.

And that was the last thing of substance to happen this game.

Match Awards

Jersey Swap: The Astra Team Bus

Because it seems like that was the only thing that showed up this game.

Tip of the Cap: Alphonso Davies

From a ratings standpoint, Davies’ 7.6 match rating makes you wonder why he’s on here. But, his 15/16 dribbling rate and 100% pass completion rate made him one of the more outstanding performers on the pitch today. His lack of successful tackling leaves room for improvement, but nonetheless, a great result from the young Canadian.

Golf Clap: Leon Goretzka

One of the anchors of our midfield put up perfect passing once again. His 13/14 dribbling rate saw him get high up the pitch and contribute a lot to the team sheet, grabbing himself two assists. In my mind, it’s hard to choose between Goretzka and Thiago Alcantara for best midfielder and I suspect it won’t get easier any time soon.

Standing Ovation: Thomas Müller

After his slightly weak performance last game, Müller came out with a bang this time. He drastically improved his dribbling rate, posting an 84% mark this game and his passing rate of 94% was also a major improvement. He bagged himself a goal and an assist walking out with the game’s MOTM award.

Meister of the Match: Robert Lewandowski

13/15 dribbling 11/12 passing 2 G

Our first multi-goal scorer in the Champions League wins our Man of the Match for this game. In addition to pumping his numbers up, he earned an 87% dribble rate and his almost perfect 92% passing was just the cherry on top of an excellent sundae.

While this game wasn’t as exciting, the next one against Hoffenheim should be fun. Tune in tomorrow at 2:00pm ET for the stream. Thanks for watching!

A previous version stated the stream would start at 11:00am, but after checking the schedule, 2:00pm ET will be the new time for the stream.

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