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Bavarian FIFA Works - Recapping Last Thursday’s Doubleheader

I took the weekend off, but we recap our most recent games.

Jake Fenner from FIFA 20

I know a lot of the Bayern Munich fans that read these blog posts like seeing how each game went down, even if you weren’t able to see the game for yourself. That’s why I decide to clip each of the games and post them here!

Last Thursday, I played TWO games against 1. FC Köln and SC Paderborn 07, because, in fairness, they each felt like half-games anyway.

BuLi MD 5 - Bayern Munich vs. 1. FC Köln

Bayern Starters (4-2-3-1)


Sané - Werner - Gnabry

Thiago - Goretzka

Davies - Hernandez - Upamecano - Kimmich


I had to give Thomas a break, because it must be really hurting his back while he’s been carrying this team for so long

FC Köln Starters (4-2-3-1)


Kainz - Drexler - Ibarra

Shkiri - Verstraete

Hector - Ramis - Czichos - Ehizibue


5’ GOAL from Timo Werner (FCB 1:0 KOE)

Just a few minutes into the game and we already broke ourselves in. A wing pass from Sané finds Lewandowski in the middle. He slots a pass for a rushing Timo Werner who uses some fancy footwork to get around a defender and curls the shot into the left corner to open the scoring.

28’ GOAL from Timo Werner (FCB 2:0 KOE)

I could just copy and paste the last goal into here. Lewy receives a pass, Werner runs into the box, uses his left foot to tuck it into the left corner.

56’ GOAL from Timo Werner (FCB 3:0 KOE)

The first hat trick of this Bayern simulation comes from Timo, which good for him. But, all three of his goals were the same. Yet another Lewy pass to Werner who had open space and shot it, but this time the ball went to the right side.

56’ SUBSTITUTION: Thomas Müller for Serge Gnabry (FCB 3:0 KOE)

We couldn’t let Timo go out there and shove his performance in Thomas’s face, so on comes the true MVP of this team. Werner pushes out to RW.

65’ SUBSTITUTION: Benjamin Pavard for Alphonso Davies (FCB 3:0 KOE)

As much as Phonzie did a great job this game, he was just too tired. Not that Köln put up much of a fight, but we weren’t taking any chances. Hernandez moves to LB and Pavard slots in at the center half position.

87’ GOAL from Thomas Müller (FCB 4:0 KOE)

Lewandowski loses possession of the ball at the top of the box, the Ramdeuter pounces on it and gets the shot off just in time to send it to the right of Timo Horn. Upon reviewing this goal, it was harder than it looked as the Köln defender wedged his body in between Thomas and the goal, so Müller had to kick the ball with his leg curled around the other man. What a legend.

And that ended the game!

Match Awards

Jersey Swap: Nobody

It was going to be defender Rafael Czichios, as he posted the best match rating of 8.2 thanks to some strong passing and tackling numbers. But, at the end of the day, can I really jersey swap with the best player on a backline that still allowed four goals? I don’t think so, so I won’t.

Tip of the Cap: Manuel Neuer

It’s the second clean sheet of the year for Manu The Wall. But, he didn’t have to do much as he posted 3 saves on 2 shots on target. How did that number come about? We have no clue (he probably ran off his line to collect an errant dribble) but if anyone could conjure a save out of thin air, it would be him.

Golf Clap: Thomas Müller

Yet another appearance in these awards for our most in-form player. He played so little and had completed only 60% of his dribbling, but he had 100% pass completion (3/3) and his goal at the end is a testament to his perseverance and dedication to this team and the game.

Standing Ovation: Robert Lewandowski

How crazy is it that Lewy, the best striker in the world, leaves this game with 0 shots taken but 3 assists. For some reason, he acts more like a No. 10 than the actual players we have in that role. Regardless, Lewy now leads the Bundesliga in assists and isn’t far behind in terms of goals.

Meister of the Match: Timo Werner

I’ll give it to him, he had an amazing game. 3 goals on 4 shots. 15/16 passing. 17/19 on dribbling. These are near perfect numbers that we didn’t expect out of Timo and he proved that he’s here for the challenge to start games. It’s all a matter of who will slip up bad enough to put him in.

BuLi MD6: Bayern Munich @ SC Paderborn 07

SC Paderborn 07 (4-4-2/4-2-2-2)

Monschein - Michel

Sabiri - Wassey - Kapić - Dörfler

Collins - Schonlau - Bottinelli - Jans


Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1)


Sané - Müller - Werner

Thiago - Goretzka

Alaba - Pavard - Upamecano - Kimmich


20’ GOAL from Massih Wassey (SCP 1:0 FCB)

Well, this was unacceptable. A great breakaway from Paderborn led to a 5 on 4 chance in the box with no reinforcements coming to help the backline. Dörfler’s cross was perfectly placed and allowed Wassey to hit a volley that Manuel Neuer had no chance of saving. Down early is not what we wanted here.

25’ HIT POST from Timo Werner (SCP 1:0 FCB)

Just when Chuck thought he had all the momentum in the world, Timo, with a clear chance, hits yet another upright when we needed one the most.

31’ GOAL from Thomas Müller (SCP 1:1 FCB)

Timo, it’s time to meet Professor Müller, because class is in session. Lewandowski makes a great run from high up in the Paderborn end and runs all the way into the box, he cuts it back before passing it to Thomas who one-times it into the net.

45+1’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (SCP 1:2 FCB)

The roles have reversed! This time, Müller distributes to Lewandowski in space who puts it into the left side of the net. A great momentum killer for the Bavarians.

Halftime Substitutions: Kingsley Coman for Thomas Müller / Niklas Süle for Dayot Upamecano

For a player with such high stamina as Müller, it baffles me that he can get so tired so easily. We bring Werner to the center No. 10 role and Coman takes over at Right Wing.

Meanwhile, we had a big problem on our defensive right side, with Kimmich and Upamecano unable to assert their dominance. So, Süle comes in.

49’ GOAL from Timo Werner (SCP 1:3 FCB)

That Lewy-Werner connection works wonders. Just another cut-and-paste goal with Lewy distributing to a rushing Werner who buries it right side.

75’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (SCP 1:4 FCB)

This one was just beautiful. He muscles his way past two defenders and fires it into the top right corner from the top of the box. A great performance for Lewy’s first brace this year.

75’ SUBSTITUTION: Alphonso Davies for Thiago Alcantara

Thiago was exhausted with another 15 minutes remaining. Even with the game in hand, I would have brought on Mickaël Cuisance if he wasn’t out on loan. Nevertheless, Alaba moves to midfield and Davies takes over at LB.

89’ GOAL from Robert Lewandowski (SCP 1:5 FCB)

LEWANDOWSKI HAT TRICK! He was able to dribble his way out of traffic, turned a corner and put up a low, slowly rolling shot that anyone could have saved. Somehow, it went under the diving keeper and Lewy’s 5th BuLi goal is in the books.

And that was it!

Match Awards

Jersey Swap: Massih Wassey

The lone Paderborn goal scorer had himself a day. In addition to the goal, he went 11/12 on passing, 2/2 on dribbling and 10/10 on passing. He was also the only man subbed off for reasons I can’t explain.

Tip of the Cap: Leon Goretzka

The backline pairing of Goretzka and Thiago has been quietly dominant all season, highlighted by their acute passing ability. Thiago in this game was perfect in his passing, completing all 19 attempts. But Goretzka, in addition to a 15/16 passer rating was 14/16 in dribbles and bagged an assist. As much as Kimmich offers in that role, these two have been brilliant.

Golf Clap: Thomas Müller

There are really two kinds of games Thomas Müller can have and both were on display tonight. His dribbling was a poor 69% (nice) with 70% passing as well. As a midfielder, he probably wouldn’t start for me. But, as a striker, he went 3/3 in terms of Shots on Target, adding a goal and an assist. These next few games will be interesting to watch as Müller’s lack of dribbling ability contrasts with his scoring prowess.

Standing Ovation: Timo Werner

Timo has been on fire these last two games. He walked out completing all 17 of his dribbles and grabbing an 85% passer rating. He also got a clutch goal and one assist in the game. His 1/3 shots on target ratio wasn’t the best, but I’ll give him a pass.

Meister of the Match: Robert Lewandowski

The first hat trick of the Polish striker’s season came while he also distributed two more goals. His 90% passing accuracy was also nothing to complain about. An inspiring performance from him and his position was never really in doubt.

Before we wrap up, here’s a look at where things stand at the end of September!

League Table

  1. Dortmund - 16 points +14 GD
  2. Bayern - 15 points +15 GD
  3. Hertha Berlin - 15 Points +7 GD
  4. Leverkusen - 13 Points +12 GD
  5. VfL Wolfsburg - 13 points +9 GD
  6. Eintracht Frankfurt - 13 Points +5 GD

Top Scorer

  1. Kai Havertz (BAY) - 6 goals in 6 games
  2. Robert Lewandowski (FCB) - 5 goals in 6
  3. Thomas Müller (FCB) - 5 goals in 6
  4. Paco Alcácer (BVB) - 5 goals in 6
  5. Filip Kostić (SGE) - 4 goals in 6
  6. Timo Werner (FCB) - 4 goals in 6
  7. Bas Dost (SGE) - 3 goals in 6
  8. Thorgan Hazard (BVB) - 3 goals in 6
  9. Niklas Füllkrug (SVW) - 3 goals in 6
  10. Nils Petersen (SCF) - 2 goals in 6

Assist Leaders

  1. Robert Lewandowski (FCB) - 8 assists in 6 games
  2. Marco Reus (BVB) - 4 assists in 6
  3. Thomas Müller (FCB) - 4 assists in 6
  4. Nuri Śahin (SVW) - 3 assists in 6
  5. Kevin Volland (BAY) - 3 assists in 6

And that’s all! I know this was a long wrap-up, but tomorrow we’ll be back with a Champions League game against Romanian side Astra Giurgiu.

Our stream starts at 1:00pm ET on Twitch. See you then!

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