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Introducing Bavarian FIFA Works or: In The Absence of All Good in the World

We’ve got to find some way to entertain themselves, so why not have fun and try and win a virtual treble?

FIFA Interactive World Cup Photo by Alexander Hassenstein - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Well, with coronavirus taking away everything good in the world, we all have to adjust to what may be our new lives for a while.

I, for one, am probably going to be playing a lot of FIFA 20 during my time stuck indoors, because in addition to podcasting, I do love video games.

A while ago, I came up with an idea for a series of blog posts where I would be the manager of a Bayern Munich team where none of the decisions were in my control. Instead, the good readers of the blog would be able to comment and vote in polls and tell me what I had to do.

So, seeing as we all have a lot of time on our hands, why not go ahead and do this now?

Here are the ground rules to start:

  1. I will be taking all of your suggestions as to how the team should move forward, whether that means lineups, transfers, etc. However, each blog post will involve a months worth of game time. So, if you want me to make specific lineup changes for each game, you’re gonna have to tell me in advance.
  2. I will be in complete control over youth academies and development because it’s a lot easier that way.
  3. You will be updated about the finances of the team at the start of the season in regard to transfers. But, the resulting polls of transfers will be the only ones we are allowed to make.
  4. If a player demands a trade, I’m going to stop the simulation and write up a blog post about it. You will have the opportunity to comment about who you think we should get to replace him. Or, if we feel there’s someone there already capable of replacing said player, he can be sold immediately.

So, here is what we have to start with:

I decided to make a manager that looks like if I took my face and put Hernan Crespo’s hair on it. Why? Because it’s FIFA:

After making this absolute legend of a manager, I was off to pick my club:

As a manager, we’re gonna be judged by these five categories. Obviously, with our wonderful financial backing, we don’t have to worry about finances. Given we’re one of the best clubs in the world, our youth development isn’t necessary either. But, our success in the world of football is paramount. All of this tracks with reality.

And with that, we’re underway!

We’re skipping the optional pre-season tournament, despite the promise of more prize money. By doing this, our first game would be the Supercup against Dortmund.

Our draw in the Champions League is eerily similar to the one we had in real life:

I guess they just don’t value Red Star at all.

Finally, this is a current look at our squad. It’s weirdly set up similar to how the last Bayern lineup looked, and it includes Alvaro Odriozola, despite me choosing the “Start with Base Squad” option:

Nevertheless, now it’s up to the community! The simulation starts on August 1st in game time, so leave your comments over what you think of this series, and who you think we should purchase or sell!

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