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Rummenigge: Pep Guardiola seriously wanted to play Manuel Neuer in midfield

The Bayern Munich chairman recounts the time that he had to talk Pep out of starting Neuer in midfield.

FC Bayern Muenchen Attends Oktoberfest 2014 Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

In an interview with Bayern Munich’s official club magazine, chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge revealed that there was a time where he had to talk Pep Guardiola out of starting Manuel Neuer in midfield. Not realizing the untapped meme-potential he had squandered, KHR claimed that the move would be seen as “arrogant”. (via AZ)

I still remember how, after winning the championship, Pep Guardiola seriously had the idea to play him [Neuer] in midfield for a game. Only with great effort was I able to dissuade Pep from this idea, which some people would perhaps have interpreted as arrogance on our part. But I am convinced: Manu would have cut a good figure in midfield, too.

Could you imagine the scenes if Manuel Neuer ever lined up as an outfield player? The day would’ve gone down in infamy, a truly spectacular day in footballing history. The memes — just think of the memes that could have come from such an audacious move. Guardiola would have cemented himself as football’s premier demented individual. Bielsa would’ve choked on a sausage. Almost nothing could have come close.

It’s a shame that none of it ever came to pass. Now that Pep’s at Manchester City, he no longer has the chance to go nuts and put a goalkeeper in midfield. Even if he had a player who could pull it off — which he doesn’t, Ederson doesn’t hold a candle to Neuer — he’s still a million points behind Liverpool in the title race and getting criticized from all corners. The man should’ve taken the chance when he had it.

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