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Report: Bayern Munich’s Leroy Sane unhappy with “Drecksbälle” service

We have no have idea what “Drecksbälle” really means, but it doesn’t sound good.

FC Bayern Muenchen v RB Leipzig - Bundesliga Photo by Lukas Barth-Tuttas - Pool/Getty Images

It is not secret that Bayern Munich’s Leroy Sane was exasperated and maybe even angry during his team’s 3-3 draw with RB Leipzig over the weekend.

Sane struggled to get involved in the match and even pushed over centrally at times in an attempt to get on the ball. Unfortunately, he was pulled after 64 minutes and took his frustration out on Tyler Adams with a needless foul just before exiting the contest.

FC Bayern Muenchen v RB Leipzig - Bundesliga
Leroy Sane was not happy with his involvement against RB Leipzig.
Photo by Lukas Barth-Tuttas - Pool/Getty Images

Overall, Sane did not have a banner contest, as his stats indicate:

  • 31 touches
  • Completed 10 of 12 passes (83%), including two of six crosses
  • Won two of four ground duels
  • Completed 1 of 2 dribble attempts
  • 12 lost possessions

Those numbers, plus some allegedly poor service, left Sane shouting “What a bunch of Drecksbälle!” after an errant pass to him never reached the destination. While Tz did not speculate on who sent Sane the Drecksbälle-inducing pass, it was reportedly audible on some broadcasts of the Bundesliga fixture.

While the term loosely translates to “dirt balls,” that did not sound correct given the context, so we sent it over to our resident German-language expert John Dillon, who indicated this could be a concoction of a word cooked up by Sane using some English (“dirtball”) and German terminology (“Drecks-”).

For lack of a more eloquent term, we believe that Drecksbälle was meant to indicate that the pass was, well...another word for crappy.

Anyway, hopefully Drecksball-gate does not become a thing and Sane’s game gets sorted out on the pitch instead of in a thesaurus.

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