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Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller comments on recent rumors of potential return to German national team

Bayern Munich’s Thomas Müller maintained a diplomatic tone when speaking about Die Mannschaft, in typical Muller fashion.

FC Bayern Muenchen v RB Leipzig - Bundesliga Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Amidst all of the controversy that’s surrounded the DFB’s decision to stick with Joachim Löw as the manager of the German national team, there’s been a slight suggestion that a return to the team for Thomas Müller, Mats Hummels, and Jerome Boateng might not be entirely off the table.

While it might not be very likely that the Bundesliga trio makes a return to the National Team, both Löw and Oliver Bierhoff did not completely rule out the possibility when they were asked about it last week.

Speaking after Bayern Munich’s enthralling 3-3 draw against RB Leipzig on Saturday, Müller responded to some questions about a potential Die Mannschaft return from Sky Germany (via Abendzeitung). When he was first asked about the rumor(s), Müller diplomatically said, “That is very far away in the phase we are in. I try to help out in the team I’m on the pitch with. You can discuss everything else up and down as you like. I’ll hold on and then we’ll see.”


Müller’s response came just over 24 hours after Bierhoff had held a virtual press conference explaining the DFB’s rationale for making the decision to keep Löw in charge of national team. One of the main reasons he discussed was the fact that it was an “unprecedented year in which Jogi couldn’t develop the team further.”

It’s essentially a defense of their continuation to stick with Löw’s idea of trying to promote some of the younger players in the setup and pave the future for Die Mannschaft, which is something his really stuck to his guns on since the 2018 World Cup failure in Russia. The 6-0 defeat to Spain in the UEFA Nations League rubbed salt in the wound but Bierhoff insisted that it’s unfair to completely judge a manager and/or the team after one, single match.

To conclude his brief session with Sky, Müller said that all Germans need to stand behind Low if he’s going to remain manager. Whether he agrees with the DFB or not is an entirely different question that we likely won’t get an answer to from the diplomatic Müller.

“This is news that the DFB has decided to do, so all Germans must stand behind this decision and do everything possible to get the ball rolling again, and with Joachim Löw we will also get the ball rolling again,” the Raumdeuter said.

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