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Bayern Munich’s Champions League hero Kingsley Coman is “scared” of headers

It might not have been his preferred method of scoring, but Kingsley Coman’s header won Bayern Munich the Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain v Bayern Munich - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Matt Childs/Pool via Getty Images

In an interview with Bild (as captured by Tz), Bayern Munich’s hero from Lisbon made a stunning admission: He does not like executing headers.

Yup, Kingsley Coman — the man whose own header won Bayern Munich another treble — is not a fan of the method that brought his team glory.

“I’m scared when I get headers and I always close my eyes,” said Coman. “My teammates joke about that.”

It is a good thing that Coman overcame that fear — and he did so at the perfect time. Interestingly, while practicing headers in training on the day before the Champions League finale, Coman struck out in all of his attempts.

“The day before the game, I didn’t turn a single header,” Coman said.

Of all of the unlikely and crazy anecdotes from 2020 that played a part in Bayern Munich’s success, Coman — and his loathing of headers — just added another wrinkle to a glorious story.

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