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My Probably Bad Take: Bayern Munich should sign Julian Draxler next summer

For the first installment of this series, you can judge just how bad this Bayern Munich take is.

Paris Saint-Germain v Dijon FCO - Ligue 1 Photo by Aurelien Meunier - PSG/PSG via Getty Images

At Bavarian Football Works, we are using this midseason break to expose ourselves (phrasing!). When working on Bayern Munich news and opinions on 24x7x365 basis, the entire staff develops some very good — and some very, very bad — takes. Whether these takes are relevant to past, present, or future opinions, we are going to let you in on some of the stupid things we think as part of a series. Without further ado, BFW will let is all hang out (damn it! phrasing again!).

My Probably Bad Take: Bayern Munich should sign Julian Draxler next summer

If there is one player in the BFW comment section who almost universally draws ire when mentioned, it is Paris Saint-Saint Germain midfielder and Germany international Julian Draxler.

Draxler, while universally panned as one of “Joachim Low’s guys” for Die Mannschaft, has some redeeming qualities despite what many of you think (author dodges tomatoes, cinder blocks, and at least one trident).

(I believe that was Markopolo hurling that trident Smith-side.)

Anyway, Draxler is versatile and capable of being a rotational player in the central midfield, attacking midfield, and on the wings. With Douglas Costa probably pulling the Sponge Bob “Aight, Imma Head Out” gif after the season, Bayern Munich could use a veteran player who can fill-in at multiple positions to help bolster a squad in transition.

More, Draxler can likely be had for free in July. Honestly, you could do a lot worse than that.

Fire away!

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