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Bayern Munich’s Hansi Flick disappointed with FIFA Best snub and Jose Mourinho agrees

Mourinho: “I think the only chance for Flick to win is that Bayern find two or three more new competitions to win.”


After winning every trophy available, Bayern Munich’s head coach, Hansi Flick, didn’t win FIFA’s Best Coach award. The honor instead went to Liverpool’s coach Jurgen Klopp, whose side won the English Premier League for the first time in 30 years. Given Flick’s performance since taking over, winning a continental treble and bringing home two super cups, a lot of people were surprised with FIFA’s choice — even Klopp.

Flick admitted that it was a little disappointing.

“Life goes on. Of course, we were a little disappointed last night, which is normal. If you get among the top three, you also want to win,” Flick said. “We live in a society of performance, so we also would have liked to win.”

Like a true professional, Flick congratulated Klopp: “We always take this like sportsmen. ‘Kloppo’ for sure deserved this title as well with his staff. The same as my staff would have deserved it.”

The infamous Jose Mourinho took a jab at FIFA’s choice. Perhaps reeling from Tottenham Hotspur’s recent loss to Klopp’s Liverpool, he joked that Flick just has to win more.

“I think the only chance for Flick to win is that Bayern find two or three more new competitions to win,” Mourinho said. “So, maybe if he wins seven titles in one season maybe he wins the award, because I believe he only won the Champions League, Bundesliga, Pokal, European Super Cup, German Super Cup — he only won five and the biggest one of all. So, I think poor Flick the only chance is for Bayern to try and find two or three more trophies to see if he can win it.”

All jokes aside, Flick is appreciative of Bayern’s successes and is ready to move on from it.

“But everything goes on, we have new goals to attain,” Flick remarked. “Now, this is closed. The team has attained exceptional results. With Manu [Neuer] and Robert [Lewandowski], we have two of the best players. Robert as best footballer and Manu as best goalkeeper, and Joshua Kimmich, Alphonso Davies in the world XI...Thiago [Alcantara] as well, although he is with Liverpool now unfortunately. So we can say that this has been an exceptional season for us.”

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