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Bavarian Fashion Works: Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski draws ire over blue sweat suit because people have no lives

Did Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski violate some sort of fashion code by wearing a blue sweat suit?

Borussia Dortmund v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Friedemann Vogel - Pool/Getty Images

Bayern Munich’s Robert Lewandowski has a few titles associated with his name:

  • Bundesliga champion
  • DFB-Pokal champion
  • Champions League titleholder
  • World’s best striker
  • World’s best player
  • Polish Hitman
  • German Homeless Man (apparently)

Per TZ, however, Lewandowski went out with his family for a walk after Bayern Munich dismantled RB Salzburg last week, posted the photo below on Instagram, and earned yet another moniker: German Homeless Man.

The comments on Lewandowski’s post varied from questions about his shoes to what brand he was wearing, to someone saying Lewandowski looked like “a German homeless man.”

I like to have fun with what people wear occasionally (Yacht Club Kovac!), but am I so out of the loop on what is acceptable any more? I wear a t-shirt and shorts every day of the year — and I live in a cold-weather state — but who cares if Lewandowski wears a blue sweat suit when trying to be comfortable when going on a walk? Were Schalke 04 fans offended?

Maybe I am way behind the times on style (my wife would firmly agree on that point!), but I don’t think Lewandowski needs to wear a Burberry suit (is that still a thing? idea) to take a walk with his family.

Personally, I avoid wearing a matching top and bottom because my thoughts are always about characters with same-colored suits. For example, if my daughter wears a purple-on-purple set of pajamas and I rip out a dad joke like, “Hey Grimace!” ...not only does she not understand the reference, she probably mumbles under her breath, “Pipe down old man and just drink your coffee.”

Anyway, if people want to see someone who looks like a “German homeless man,” I should just livestream me every morning before I have coffee. In addition, that sweat suit probably cost more than my entire wardrobe combined.

So, here we are BFW any important decision, we are putting this in your hands via a very scientific poll. You, my friends, hold the key to this ever important issue:


Was Robert Lewandowski’s blue sweat suit a fashion faux pas?

This poll is closed

  • 17%
    Yes - he looks like a Smurf.
    (101 votes)
  • 82%
    No - who cares?
    (488 votes)
589 votes total Vote Now

And while I have no issue with Lewandowski clothing selection, I did find an ever-so-slight way to improve it:

A little BFW improves everything.

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