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Bavarian Thank You Works: A note from the site manager on Thanksgiving

Thank you the BFW staff and community on this Thanksgiving!

DSC Arminia Bielefeld v FC Bayern Muenchen - Bundesliga Photo by Sascha Steinbach - Pool/Getty Images

For anyone who has followed my normal Thanksgiving exploits on Twitter over the years, I typically start my day around 6AM at my buddy Twink’s house (an unfortunate name these days, but I swear it stems from his ability to devour Twinkies as a youngster) for early beers and Irish Car Bombs before trudging to a dark and dingy local corner bar for a morning of beers and shots with roughly 7-8 friends each year.

From there, I usually open the door to leave the bar and immediately feel like a vampire when the sunlight hits. I’ll ride share my way home where I have a few hours to kill before heading to my in-laws for dinner.

It’s usually all a bit of blur that includes me trying to convince my wife that “I feel great, 100%. Can’t wait to go to dinner.” — despite feeling and looking like hell.

I can pretend that she hasn’t doused me with water (she has) a time or five to wake me up from a deep midday sleep (aka passing out) over the years, but having kids has caused me to up my “deal with it” game a lot better over the years.

Mixing in a lot of water, an occasional coffee, and some light grub, I have been able to — for the last 10 year years or so — survive without incident (incident meaning my wife hasn’t threatened to leave me at home instead of going to dinner at her parents).

And just as I have perfected my Thanksgiving Day routine, 2020 had to come along and ensurde I won’t even be able to struggle for the last 10 hours of my day to pretend I feel great.

So what’s the point of all of this? 2020 has made me realize I shouldn’t take those kinds of events for granted. And that’s the thing, right? There is plenty about life that — prior to 2020 — we probably all took for granted.

And despite all of those things that we have missed out on in 2020, Bavarian Football Works has been there to help carry on some sense of normalcy. The BFW community and the talented group of writers here has persevered to make the best out of what most people consider the worst year they’ve seen.

So, yeah, I’m thankful for all of you folks here.

I’m thankful for John N. Dillon, Tommy Adams, Marcus Iredahl, Philipp Quinn, Ineednoname, Jake Fenner, Schnitzel01, Raumdeuter#25, Miran Kostic, LKChuggz, Evan Vanderpool, Jack Laushway, Alberto Campos, Teddy Son, GopikaCBP, Mike Lynch, RuneKingThor, Samrin_TwinkleFCB, JTobolt, Fergus25, RLD, Ryan Cowper, Davis VanOpdorp, and Valentin King.

I think those names above comprise the best staff of Bayern Munich bloggers on the planet (if someone else is better, we’ll challenge them to a fight!). Some you see often and others no-so-much, but they all contribute to helping keep the site going strong from blog posts to social media to podcasting to everything else we do here.

Without them, nothing happens here...but without YOU there isn’t a reason for us to even be here. So, thank you to the community members and also to the occasional readers for making this the best Bayern Munich site on the internet.

No matter where you are, just know you are appreciated here.

For those of you in the United States who will celebrate Thanksgiving...have a drink for me. I can’t possibly consume THAT much by myself — especially with my wife hovering around me all day today, anyway.

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