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Thomas Müller explains the difference between Niko Kovac and Hansi Flick in the weirdest way imaginable

Wonder what Lisa Müller will make of this comparison — or Niko Kovac for that matter.

FC Bayern Muenchen Doha Training Camp - Day 3

What a day for headlines! Speaking to the press at Bayern Munich’s training camp in Qatar, Thomas Müller was asked about the difference between Hansi Flick and Niko Kovac. Instead of giving a straight answer, der Raumdeuter decided to reply in the most Müller way imaginable.

How? By comparing coaches to wives, of course.

When your wife sends you shopping and gives you a list, then you know exactly what you have to do. But go out sometime with only the order to provide a nice dinner! Then you stand in front of the shelves and the risk that the meal amounts to nothing is high!

Obviously, the implications are clear. Kovac was the wife who sends you to the store with instructions to make a good dinner. Hansi is the one who tells you exactly what to get. We’ve heard plenty of stories about how much the team prefers Flick’s detailed instructions over Kovac’s less hands-on approach, but no one has put it quite like Müller just did.

Of course, there’s no word on what Lisa Müller thinks of this comparison. Is she a Kovac or a Flick? Is her grocery list detailed, or does she just send poor Thomas to the store with a bag and no instructions? Is this a silent cry for help from a frustrated husband? Would you trust Thomas to cook shop for a “nice dinner” and what might that be?

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