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Joachim Löw and Oliver Bierhoff confirm that Thomas Müller is on Germany’s Olympics list

The ever robust raumdeuter might have the opportunity to add yet another accolade to his boisterous resumé: an Olympic gold medal.

FC Bayern Muenchen Doha Training Camp - Day 6
Mueller with the ball during training.

Many Germany fans were disappointed by Jogi Löw’s sudden dismissal of Thomas Müller from the German national team. Fast-forward to the present day, though, and the German champion may have a delectable new opportunity: the chance to represent his country on one of the grandest international stages, the Olympics!

Rumors recently emerged suggesting that Germany U-21 coach Stefan Kuntz might nominate Müller as one of a maximum of three veterans who can represent Germany along with the U-21’s at the Tokyo Olympics. Reports from SportBild seem to confirm coach Löw’s knowledge on the matter. In an interview, Löw stated:

I met with Stefan Kuntz Before Christmas. We discussed a few things. The Euros and the Olympics are coming up, two big events. He gave me a few names that could be of interest to him. It is his decision. He will probably make it when the season is over and we have nominated our squad [i.e. for Euro 2020]. He still has time; all the ideas he mentioned were exciting.

For now, a list needs to be handed over to the World Doping Agency in advance to ensure the players are checked for doping before the tournament. The list is expected to be submitted this Wednesday. Löw confirmed Müller’s inclusion on it:

Müller is on the doping list, which you have to hand in early. He is definitely a possibility.

This is exciting news for all Müller fans and could give many of us another good reason to stay tuned to the Olympics come the summer. Business manager of the German National team, Oliver Bierhoff, also chimed in, backing coach Kuntz’s plan:

Of course it is interesting to take older players with you. First, because of their quality; second, because of their experience. I told Stefan that he can draw on all our resources. Thomas Müller is part of that. You shouldn’t rule anyone out, just as you should not rule out any other former international player. Thomas Müller is a name known around the world. Stefan has to think about it.

For many, Müller should be playing two international competitions this summer, but coach Löw does not seem to be entertaining the prospect of welcoming the veteran back into the Euro 2020 squad. It is a shame that the German National team will forego a lot of firepower that could help their attack by excluding Müller, who is having one of his most productive seasons in club football in terms of goal contributions and key passes.

Maybe the Olympics is the next field to be conquered, and if they win the gold with Müller in the team, that gives us Müller fans yet another factor to showcase his superiority in comparison to other footballing giants.

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