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Elber: Thomas Müller vs Philippe Coutinho is beneficial for Bayern

Bayern Munich legend Giovane Elber talks about the new competition between players and how it makes the club better.

FC Bayern Muenchen And Paulaner Photo Session Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images for Paulaner

It’s going to be an interesting competition between Thomas Muller and Philippe Coutinho. In the last two games, the Brazilian started twice and Bavarian-born Müller was benched. Most recently, former Bayern Munich player Giovane Elber talked with Bild about the competition and his compatriot.

It’s good that Thomas is relaxed and has a good sense of humor. Inwardly he may be annoyed, but he doesn’t let it show. He’s also having fun, that’s the way it has to be. Be positive, think positive. Müller has done great so far. He recently scored a goal in the Champions League as a joker. That’s what you need to show the coach, “I’m still alive, I’m still here.”

Elber is certain that the Coutinho-Muller contest makes Bayern a better team.

The most important thing is that it inspires them both. You just can’t accept it and say, “I’ve been in the club for fifteen years; let the young guy play, I’ll get my chance.” No, Thomas wants to show that he’s there. The winner is the team and Bayern Munich!

Elber also added that Coutinho still needs playing time to be on the top level, but he is getting there. “He only gets practice playing when he plays after all,” Elber concluded. He also noted how pleased he was by Coutinho’s grounded attitude.

I’ve met him. He’s a good, modest guy, with both feet on the ground. He said the language is very difficult. But he is still taking a course. I think that’s very good. In this way, he is showing his fellow players — “I want to be one of you. I did not come here to collect money and then go home to Barcelona. I want to take something from the country.”

After Niko Kovač recently said that it was unlikely Müller and Coutinho would share the pitch, Giovane Elber is positive that the two players might get their chance to combine after all, but with Müller on the wing.

That can happen. You never know. We have Coman, Gnabry, who can fail, they will not make all the games. Then Thomas can also play on the wing.

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