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Joshua Kimmich: “There’s no question as to who will be in goal”

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Joshua Kimmich voices his thoughts and opinions regarding the debate surrounding Germany’s number one goalkeeper.

Photo by A. Hassenstein/Getty Images for FC Bayern

The debate surrounding Germany’s number one goalkeeper continues as Joshua Kimmich has now voiced his thoughts on the national team debacle.

Bayern’s versatile 24-year-old can understand the statements of Marc-André ter Stegen, he said during an appearance on ZDF: “What Marc said was nothing terrible; he just said he was disappointed, of course I can understand that.”

Kimmich’s comments follow Uli Hoeness, who criticized ter Stegen and the media, arguing that “there is no discussion that Neuer is the number one,” and the Barcelona keeper “should speak to those in charge and not with the media” when he has a problem. Furthermore, the FC Bayern President stated ter Stegen “is damaging a completely blameless sportsman like Manuel Neuer, who has never done anyone any harm.”

Joshua Kimmich, while sympathetic and understanding of Ter Stegen’s frustration, agrees that the Bayern keeper is Germany’s number one: “The way Manu is making saves right now, there’s no question as to who will be in goal,” he said. The 33-year-old is “the clear number one from the perspective of the DFB.”