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“You’re it!” Bayern Munich have fun warm-up ahead of their Champions League opener

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Looks like the coach decided to let his team have a little bit of fun.

FC Bayern Muenchen Training And Press Conference Photo by Daniel Kopatsch/Bongarts/Getty Images

Who says Germans can’t have fun? In the buildup to their Champions League opener, Bayern Munich coach Niko Kovac opted to have his team warm-up in a rather unconventional way — with a game of tag.

The rules were simple. There were two balls in play — if you had one of the balls, you were safe. Whoever was it could chase down the people without a ball. Teammates could also “save” each other from being caught by passing the ball to them.

According to Bild, new signing Mickael Cuisance had an intense duel with Benjamin Pavard and Ivan Perisic, while Robert Lewandowski helped Joshua Kimmich escape the clutches of Thomas Muller with a neatly timed throw. No mention of Kingsley Coman, Serge Gnabry, or Alphonso Davies — they were probably too fast to get caught. Apparently, this method of warming up was used by Jogi Low for the national team some weeks ago, and has now been introduced to Bayern.

Reportedly, the players did seem to be have a lot of fun with their new warmup method. The game concluded after 15 minutes, after which the media were ushered away and the team proceeded to work on tactical drills in preparation for tomorrow’s game against Red Star.